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  • After my Stats plugin stopped working on I decided to look for help. Many support forum threads indicated that installing Jetpack — which includes a newer/better version of Stats — would solve the problem.

    Right after the initial install, things were great. But now, I’m having major problems. When I login to wp-admin, the dashboard widget shows “top posts” and the rest of the usual text that appears below the graph, but the graph itself never loads.

    When I click on “Site Stats” to see the full-page version, it takes a lot longer than it used to. Sometimes I’ll get “Stats can’t be displayed at this time” and sometimes I’ll get all the text, but no graph.

    For a few days, my numbers also seemed to be a bit off-kilter, but comparing yesterday’s numbers against Google Analytics, things seem to be okay now.

    Other Jetpack comments briefly:
    1) Would be nice if you could have Stats count people who are logged in “except” for certain users. (I don’t want to count my own hits, but I require people to register in order to comment, and I want their hits counted.)
    2) ShareDaddy would be more useful if you could have control over where the share buttons appear. Unless I’m missing something, they can only appear at the bottom of an article, and that’s it. I’m using this on but until they improve it, I’m still using an independent plugin (Wordbooker) to put FB “like” buttons at the top of my articles on
    3) The other features seem neat, but so far, I don’t have any use for them and I don’t see myself going out of my way to begin using them.

    WordPress usually does a phenomenal job with everything they do; I’m surprised at what a mess this stats problem has turned into, first with so many people’s Stats no longer loading, and then Jetpack having its own problems.

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  • Update: the problem above continues on To describe further, the stats page still looks like the OLD version. Still no graph at the top, and the “old” style stats listings (how many post views, referrers, etc.) below.

    On , also running WP3.1 with Jetpack, the NEW stats page appears perfectly, no problems.

    My “control” site, – has not had Jetpack installed. Still running the old, standalone version of Stats and it appears to be okay.

    Despite looking slightly different from each other, all three sites use the same theme (Atahualpa), so that rules out a theme-specific issue.

    All three sites are self-hosted on the same server, so it wouldn’t be a server-specific problem either.

    Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    I’m having this same problem. I can’t see any of the Stats dashboard graphics on my site although the stat numbers are there, is just the graphic stuff I can’t see.

    I would love to contact support at the link listed above but there appears to be no ability to contact support at that link, there is no input box and no send button. How do we contact support if there is no ability to contact support?

    I’ve used multiple browsers and I’m still unable to contact support.

    I updated to wordpress 3.3, updated jetpack and now I get no traffic tracking. Anyone else having this issue? I have previous traffic bars, so the images work, but nothing is currently getting recorded.

    I’m having similar problems. It started when I updated to WordPress 3.3

    As instructed, I turned off plugins before updating WordPress, then reactivated Jetpack (currently at 1.2.2) after WordPress updated.

    Now, the Stats only state: “We were unable to get your stats just now. Please try again.”

    The site doesn’t get a lot of traffic, but it’s been a couple of weeks and I’m still not showing anything except the above statement.

    So, I went to the configure and set it to “Count the page views of registered users who are logged in.” I’ve clicked through a few pages and so far, still nothing except the above statement.

    I might note that I’m not even getting previous traffic bars.

    So, did I lose all of my previous data too?

    I’ve lost previous tracking when reactivating the jetpack plugin, but not recently. The wordpress upgrade caused my sites to throw 404 errors, so I’ve had to update the permalinks and request that google review my sites. I’ve just started picking up traffic again, so I think the 404 errors are the sinking stats culprit. Takes a long time to get status and no time to lose status.

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