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  • Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    The Stats module of the Jetpack Plugin does not appear to import data from the Stats Plugin that it replaces.

    From the JetPack website FAQ:

    As we upgrade each of our individual plugins to be a part of Jetpack, we’ll prompt you to switch over to the new, Jetpack-powered version. Don’t worry about upgrading, we’ll automatically take care of carefully switching over all of your settings and options so that it’s the smoothest experience possible. Once you’ve upgraded to Jetpack, you can remove the older versions of those plugins.

    When I activated Jetpack, it (apparently) automatically deactivated the Stats Plugin. Secure in my assumption that this FAQ entry would hold true, then deleted the stand-alone version of Stats.

    I now have no historical stats data.

    My site is mostly a hobbyist site, so this loss is mostly an annoyance. Others might find it to be a considerably bigger problem.

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  • Plugin Author Beau Lebens



    Hi Chip — if this is still the case, can you please contact us via and give us some details on the account you used to connect, your website URL and anything else you think might be useful? The stats module definitely should carry over any stats from your previous install, and in most cases (including all of our testing) it does.


    Chip Bennett


    Theme Review Admin

    Hi Beau,

    I’ve been in a wait-and-see pattern for several days, hoping that the issue might correct itself – but it appears that the Stats Plugin still isn’t picking up anything since before 15 March, when I activated JetPack.

    I’ll submit a support ticket with the information requested.

    EDIT: Support ticket submitted

    Plugin Author Beau Lebens



    Thanks Chip – we also have an update to the plugin coming out very soon that will help prevent this from happening in the first place. We’ll get you sorted out via your support ticket.

    Hey I have the same issue! All stats for the last 2 years, gone! I’ve also logged a support ticket. Should I have received a notification that my case has been logged? I didn’t. Chip did you get your stats back?




    Forum Moderator

    The WP Stats plugin should still be working but, unfortunately, some bugs were introduced during recent work by Automattic. Whilst switching to Jetpack has resolved the issues for some people, it may not work for everyone and Automattic are working to restore service to everyone using both plugins. In the meantime, please try to be patient. Normal service will be resumed asap.

    Thanks, my Jetpack is working perfectly it’s just tht 2 years worth of stats data has gone. It’s like my stats have been reset to 0 from when I installed Jetpack.

    Hi, if you lost your data, is it permanent?

    I switched from WP Stats to Jetpack when I noticed inconsistent data reporting. The transition was fine, and now Jetpack starting exhibiting the same problem of inconsistent values.

    I deactivated it and reactivated it, and now ALL my historical stats data is gone. I simply do not know what to do.

    I’ve emailed Jetpack WP support, do they usually acknowledge the email? No word yet.

    Anyone can weigh in?

    Yeah exactly what happened to me 🙁 I have Google Analytics but it only goes back about half as far as my wp stats 🙁

    I also lost all stats when I switched over to the JetPack version of WordPress Stats. I did this on my personal site, which is a “sandbox” for trying new ideas, but before migrating our other sites to JetPack (where our stats canNOT just disappear), I would need to know that this issue is resolved.

    I also noticed that when I deactivated and reactivated Stats (while moving to WordPress MultiSite), the stats were *again* reset to zero.

    I had the same problem too. My WP Stats zerorized. 🙁

    Is there anyway to recover back the old data somehow and export it into the Jetpack version?

    The site is a hobbyist one, but it’s a real annoyance to lose 2 years of stats data 🙁

    Since we are “forced” to use Jetpack and not Stat, why is it that Jetpack don’t collect the statistics from Stat?
    Jetpack starts from scratch, is it any way to force it to read old stats?

    I logged a support ticket and was contacted by the WordPress support who we’re extremely helpful and resolved all the my issues and restored my stats.


    What is the purpose of a forum if you do not get answers here?

    True – when the answers are generic. But in this case someone from the support team will need to look into the database and resolve the issue. Should support be combing the user forums and picking out people who need specific help? It would be nice wouldn’t it but traditionally we use a support ticketing system where the user logs a request and waits in a queue to be served.

    And where can I get a support ticket? Have been looking around but can’t find it..

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