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  • I installed JetPack on one of my blogs without issue. Worked just fine.

    I then felt okay installing it on my main blog. Install and connection were without issue. The problem? The stats page is showing the old WP Stats page, not the new JetPack page. In addition, it’s just showing top referrers, links in, etc, and not the graph. It’s the old page, minus the graph. I figured it was a possible cache issue. I cleared cache. I restarted my browser. I logged in and out. I tried via a secondary browser. I uninstalled and reinstalled and reconnected. All showing the old stats page with JetPack properly installed.

    I thought, for a second, that this new plugin wouldn’t allow multiple uses of one account for multiple blogs. So I tried installing JetPack on my third blog to see if that was the issue. Install went by without a hitch, showing the new stats page and debunking that theory.

    I have no idea why I have the old stats page on 1 out of 3 installs. Any advice? (Have deactivated, un and reinstalled twice now. No go.)

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  • Screen grabs of the two different installs:

    Not working:

    You can see that Jetpack is installed on the left side and I have in fact selected Jetpack’s stats as it is highlighted. But old page.


    Same left hand side, but working stats.

    I have now uninstalled and reinstalled six times. Same results.

    Any help?

    (I did contact support specific to the plugin. No response.)

    Firemom, I am having the same problem with one of my blogs. Did you get any help yet?

    No. I have not received a reply to my support email and no one has reached out here.

    I received an email from support that told me to un- and reinstall. Again. I did, including the upgrade to 1.1.1 — still with the old dashboard.

    I’m beyond frustrated, especially as it has totally borked all of my stats and I can’t use the old Stats plugin anymore. I have no idea why it worked on two blogs, but not the third. Same host, same everything. And I can’t get an answer as to what is wrong or how to fix it.

    Same problem here. But it gets stranger. One user can see the new stats, one user sees the old stats. Added a third user and this user sees the new stats.

    Tried deactivating, uninstalling jetpack and made sure any trace of old WordPress stats was removed via FTP. Logged out. Logged back in. Installed Jetpack. Still two users see new stats. One user sees old stats.

    I have several other WP sites where all is fine.

    kpont; It just doesn’t make sense as to why, does it? I wonder if I install a new user if it would let me at least SEE my freaking stats — as opposed to what I have now… which is basically useless.

    I’m having the same problem on a couple of my blogs. I can’t find any pattern related to plugin conflicts, caching plugins, etc. On most of my blogs, Jetpack works fine. But on others, even with identical plugins and configurations, I’m still getting the old stats layout.

    I even deleted the old WP Stats plugin to avoid conflicts and corruption. Hopefully Automattic will get this sorted out soon.

    In related news, the WP Stats Dashboard, which relies on WP Stats, is working fine on all my WordPress installations.

    kpont; I created a new admin and I can see my stats. Which is a) great that they still exist, b) ridiculously annoying if that’s the only workaround.

    Haha, this also worked for me. Really strange…

    firemom: Yes it’s annoying and strange. Still no solution I’ve found other than creating another user. I’ve thought about creating a new user and deleting the old user sending the posts from the old user to the new. Hate to have to resort to that.

    I’m wondering now if there’s a setting in the database for the user that’s keeping the old stats around.

    darelparker: On those users that cannot see the new style stats neither can they see them in the WP Stats Dashboard



    See my problem here-

    It supposed to be
    But showing

    How to fix? And my stats are different sometimes!

    Plugin Author Beau Lebens



    @firemom (and anyone else having the same problem): do you still have the old stats plugin installed on your site? Can you try removing it entirely (not just deactivating).

    Also, once you’ve gotten rid of the old verison, and are definitely running Jetpack and have the stats module enabled, try going to the Configure button (via the Jetpack admin page) and then clicking Save configuration just to force update your options.

    Deleting Stats gives me this fatal error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare stats_get_options() in /home/stopdrop/public_html/wp-content/plugins/stats/stats.php on line 28

    And now what do I do?

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