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    Last night I enabled the sharing function in Jetpack because I wanted the sharing buttons to appear underneath my posts. What I did NOT want was to have a Pinterest sharing button appear on every one of my photos. There are some photos that I do not want to be shared. The button on top of every photo looks ugly and is distracting from my content. First I removed the Pinterest button from the row of buttons, clicked save, and the buttons still appeared on every photo. Next I cleared my cache. Still no good. Now I have deactivated the entire sharing function and cleared my cache again. And the damn Pinterest button is still plastered on top of every photo on my site. I am NOT happy and I would be thrilled to discover a way to make this go away. GRRRRR

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  • Sounds like something else is adding the Pinterest button.
    Either theme or another plugin.

    If you have disabled the sharing module then it cannot and will not render.

    Hi Barry,
    Thanks for your response. The only thing that was changed at either of my team sites was to enable the Jetpack sharing function, where I added the Share on Pinterest button to the row of sharing functions that appear at the bottom of the posts. I do not mind the button being there, but when every photo at my sites all of the sudden has the pinterest button plastered on top of them, this is an issue for me. It looks ugly!

    I disabled the sharing function completely, but have since added it back without the Pinterest sharing function. Each individual photo continues to have the Pinterest button emblazoned across it.
    You can see it at both sites:

    I need to find a way to make this go away. And since the Jetpack sharing function is the only change I made, that leads me to believe that is the culprit. And I’m not happy about it.

    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    Couple of things:

    – I see that you have sharing buttons at the top of your posts, just beneath the post title. Is this where the Pinterest button showed? If so, that is something other than Jetpack; Jetpack only adds sharing buttons to the bottom of posts.

    – What cache plugin are you using?

    Tim, somehow enabling Jetpack sharing led to the Share and Follow plugin to freak out. I was only using Share and Follow to place “Follow Me” buttons on the side borders of my page. But when Jetpack Sharing was enabled, a large Pinterest button appeared on top of every photo on my site. I finally was able to make them go away by deleting the Share and Follow plugin.

    It’s really weird because there was no update to Share and Follow, and the only change I had made was to enable Jetpack Sharing. I guess they don’t play well together, the Jetpack Sharing and the Share and Follow plugin. But deleting Share and Follow did the trick.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it.

    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    I’m sorry you had this issue. I’ll investigate further.

    Let us know anytime you have a problem or a question.

    Thanks, Tim 🙂

    Strange stuff 🙁

    I had both plugins installed in two blogs:

    The first blog doesn’t have any issue with this.

    The second one showed the pinterest button on the right bottom of every image both in pages as in posts (except for images in the homepage).
    I had to disable the Share and Follow plugin to get rid of them.

    I’ve looked every where to find the difference, however all settings of the ‘Sharing plugin’ and ‘Share and Follow plugin’ seems to be the same.

    Have some one figure this out, yet?

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    @mementovivi You might want to post in the Share and Follow sub forums, since the problem seems to be linked to that plugin:

    @JeremyHerve Thnx for your help!

    The problems is indeed linked to Share And Follow.

    This answer fixed the problem:

    I like your plugin a lot! Thanks for your work.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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