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    Just wondering why when I hit like on the sharing it doesn’t offer a comment box to type a thought.

    Without the thought, the liking of the page doesn’t appear on the persons profile except in the activity box. Which also doesn’t appear in a news feed.

    Any help to modify it to have the comment box would be great

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  • Hi – I have the same problem. G+ works as expected but no Facebook comments box pop up when Like clicked. Also no via @twittername at the end of Tweet shares. Are these bugs or just not supported features? Thanks.

    Same question. A question that was emailed to me from a friend/reader

    @twittername needs you to write code or add an additional plugin like JetPack Extras which has the additional twitter support.

    Facebook comment box, are you using the official buttons or one of the other two types?
    I’ve checked the official one, and it looks like the comment form is not showing, this could be bad calls on JetPacks part (and loading the wrong social widget) or Facebook has it off at the moment.

    Looks like JetPack puts a call into the older Like.

    I’ll see about adding the newer one to my plugin JetPack Extras

    Hi Barry, thank you. Yes I’m using the official button – which I know is working with other plug-ins. I like the JetPack package though so would be great to get it working – I use it for most other bits and pieces. Thank you for your help.

    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    We are looking into adding the @twittername functions to Jetpack.

    With Facebook, if you use the Official Buttons, the button functionality is controlled by Facebook since we just load their script(s) directly from their server. If you want to get a popup, you should switch to the “Icon + Text” mode, which will give you the flow you want.

    Hi Tim, thank you. Facebook Official buttons do allow a Facebook pop up for the ‘liker’ to add their own comment to their own timeline in addition to liking with a counter on the website. The other unofficial buttons you mention don’t include a counter (I don’t think). I use an alternative Social Sharing plug in for now which works fine with comments / like counter and @twitter functionality but I’d just like to reduce the volume of plug-ins. I also have a non-wordpress website coded myself which works the same way.

    It looks like JetPack is using “just a like button”

    As apposed to the Like Social Plugin.

    So whilst JetPack uses a Official Button of sorts, the full one with the Comment Pop Over is a bit more involved (needing Open Graph tags for full running etc), external JS etc.

    Tim by the way Paul is on about this popup not the full window one


    Hi Barry / Tim – that’s it – it isn’t really a pop-up – it’s actually rendered as a div or iframe over the top of content on the page I think. Thanks both for keeping this active. I think the like with comments is reasonably standard now though – adding content to timelines is so much more powerful than the relatively insignificant like click.

    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    Ah, thanks for the info. I’ll pass this along to see what we can do in a future update.

    This is quite a basic question but erm, I cant find the option to add a facebook like button, only the share on facebook button.

    I’m assuming that I’m just not looking in the right place within the jetpack configuration, any one care to point me in the right direction?


    Facebook got rid or the specific “share” buttons.
    They now only have “like”

    So in jetpack these are one and the same.

    If you don’t have “official buttons” selected, then it probably renders as a “share” instead of the like button (using the old share interface).



    OK, So forgive my ignorance, I have just spent time building my site and I wanted to understand how I connect my facebook page to the like button for the share function of jetpack?
    At the moment people are liking however I have no idea who?, I would also like to get the notifications to show up on my facebook page?

    the like button likes the link to the individual post/page content item/url.

    Not a specific page.

    For specific page linking you may want to look at the official Facebook WP Plugin

    That adds a sidebar widget for specific Facebook Page liking.



    OK so Barry thanks for the response, but im gonna ask some more questions, I have yet to get my head around the million social plugins out there.

    I now installed the official plugin you recommended, and i think i connected it to a newly created Fan page however when people LIKE content or comment on a post I do not get notifications. is this normal ?
    I would like to be able to see who has liked my posts and who and when people are commenting.

    If you can help that would be great, please feel free to tailor your response at a 6 year old kid.

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