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  • I’m also on a buddypress enabled site, and have the same problem. I click on the button, and am redirected to the front, public page of my website.

    Using WordPress 3.1, BuddyPress 1.2.8 (both currently the most recent stable releases). I’m using a lot of additional plugins, but none of them effect re-directs.

    – Matthew Gore

    me too, latest version of WP and BP and same problem…

    FWIW, I emailed the Jetpack support dudes about this. They emailed back, and basically said that they know about this issue now, but the only way to use JetPack with Buddypress (when experiencing these problems) is to:

    1. Deactivate BP Plugins (as necessary)
    2. Deactivate Buddypress
    3. Activate and Connect JetPack
    4. Activate BP and BP Plugins

    Bit of a pain, but I finally broke down and shut off BP for a while, and it worked. I hate to disable the functionality of my site like that just to install a plugin, though.

    Unfortunately, JetPack also seems to be something of a resource hog; as soon as I enabled it, I started getting errors about PHP’s memory being exhausted, even though my limit was already set at 64M. I did a couple of tests with a memory monitor plugin and found that JetPack required almost 9% of my RAM.

    Thank you JMatthewGore!

    Plugin Contributor John James Jacoby


    Did some preliminary testing with BuddyPress 1.2.8/BuddyPress trunk, and WordPress 3.1, and have not found any issues. Seems the issue might be another BuddyPress plugin of some kind?

    Any more details or information would be awesome.

    Hi John, i have this plugins active:
    BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
    BuddyPress Restrict Group Creation
    BuddyPress Template Pack

    I also have Group Email Subscriptions active, but neither of the others.

    – Matt

    Plugin Contributor John James Jacoby


    Thanks for the replies. I’ll test those plugins this weekend and I’ll report back my findings. Rest assured if it’s a BuddyPress issue, we’ll get it taken care of promptly.

    Thanks everyone for patience and understanding. 🙂

    John, i have deactivated Group Email Subscription and Restrict Group without success.

    Plugin Contributor John James Jacoby


    caneblu – Any other plugins activated? Not BuddyPress specific, but in general?

    uh.. a lot, but most of them are activated on other blog non-BP and Jetpack works. I’ll check the plugins not present on both

    Plugin Contributor John James Jacoby


    Breakthrough but no confirmed fix – Just narrowed the problem down to the bp-default theme that comes included with the 1.2.8 version of BuddyPress. Explains the spottiness of the reports coming in, since they are scattered across different versions, plugin combinations, and themes.

    Will update with details and a fix asap. Wanted to update with any progress I have as I have it.

    I just discovered jetpack (and the problem noted above) today. I use a child of the Suffusion theme along with the Suffusion BP Pack.

    Thanks in advance for “stepping up” with a fix.

    Sorry to bug…
    Any news?

    It does seem to be a theme issue – I enabled jetpack by temporarily switching my theme to TwentyTen and then back to the BP default once activated.

    I too have lots of plugins including BuddyPress Group Email Subscription, but did not have to deactivate anything – only switched themes.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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