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  • Rarely to javascript errors occur and things “still work” in this case your chart summary on the dashboard is probably not rendering properly. I’m getting the same issue in IE9.

    After doing some research I have determined the cause of the problem – they are loading the flot plugin for jquery via two separate http requests. This will almost always cause a problem in IE ( given the size differential between the jquery flot plugin and the jquery flot selections plugin sources.

    If you need to hack in a solution (because oh I don’t know, maybe you have a contract on corporate project that requires support for IE) then you can modify the stats.php file on line 706. Just regex replace the and urls from the $body variable and replace them with a local copy of the files merged into one. Don’t worry about the excanvas file as that isn’t necessary for IE9 and WP Admin doesn’t support < IE9.

    And don’t worry about the performance loss of including those files locally because JetPack ends up downloading them twice with timestamps applied to the end of the URL preventing any browser-based caching mechanism anyway… nice job there automattic.

    And for those who think my solution is a terrible hack I would agree with you wholesale… but maybe you should uninstall jetpack because they use the same approach on lines 705, 704 and 703 for some ungodly reason. Among other reasons like 3rd party tracking cookies and horrible burden to your page load speeds it’s a wonder this plugin is as popular as it is…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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