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  • Same as Shaun above, I activated it but I am not seeing any difference in my comment “system” on my blog.

    Also having this issue on my custom template. I’ve done some digging in the plugin and can’t seem to locate the function to display the jetpack comment icons.

    This is a similar problem in the sharing feature but can be fixed using <?php echo sharing_display();?>


    It would make these things a lot easier to figure out. The hooks you’re using only work on wordpress default templates properly!

    I’m also having this issue. Don’t see new comments form.

    Same here.

    Jetpack comments activated, but nothing new shows up on the site. Same old comments form.

    Theme is K2, if that helps.

    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    Jetpack Comments relies on the comment_form() function being used to display the comment form.

    Tim Moore ~

    So for those of us who aren’t seeing this new commenting system on our blogs, does this mean we have to add this function somewhere? (And know how to do this of course — I don’t know much php)

    I am running Headway 2.1.3 theme.

    I’m having the very same problem. Should I be ading comment_form() to one my themes templates?

    also having this issue,..

    Found the same thing.
    Activated jetpack comments and lost all new comment forms as well as existing comments.
    De-activating Jetpack comments didn’t restore form or existing comments – deleted Jetpack plugin via FTP, cleared cache – comments and forms back. Installed earlier version jetpack.1.3.4 and everything OK, then updated to 1.4.1 again and still OK (But left Jetpack comments OFF)
    (Theme – NomNom childtheme of TwentyEleven if that’s a help – also have SI CAPTCHA so may have conflicted – I know Jetpack and CAPTCHA don’t play together)

    Okay, I’ve found the solution! I do not speak enough English so I use google translate.

    It is actually very simple! you just have to replace your whole comment form with comment_form (). But do not remove the section of code that ensures that all comments are displayed. So only the form! Below the code of my comments.php file.

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    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    Some themes hard code a comment form in place. WordPress has a function (comment_form()) that instead builds the comment form dynamically.

    If your theme hard codes the comment form, you or the theme author will need to replace it with comment_form() in order for Jetpack Comments to work correctly.

    If your theme already uses comment_form(), you should be all set.

    If you continue to experience issues, I’d recommend deactivating all plugins other than Jetpack and see if the comment form works. If it does, start activating plugins one by one until the form breaks. At that point, you will have found a plugin conflict that you can report to us for investigation.

    If none of this works, please get in touch with us at our support link. Include your site URL, theme name, active plugins, and a screenshot of your comment area.

    Hello Shaun

    What you mean exactly by :
    “you just have to replace your whole comment form with comment_form (). But do not remove the section of code that ensures that all comments are displayed.”

    I guess it’s in “comments.php” but don’t know really what to replace !

    Thank you

    I checked my comment-form.php and it looks like it has the function comment_form(). I deactivated all the plugins except for jetpack of course and it still didn’t work. Please Help. Here are the codes: <?php

    global $current_user;



    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore



    The issue is that your comment_form() is being put into an output buffer. If ob_get_clean() is on a line by itself and not being echo‘d, then that is why your comments are not showing up.

    I’d recommend removing ob_start() and ob_get_clean().



    I removed all the goblely-gook from my previous theme that handled comments and replaced it with the simple line.
    <?php comment_form(); ?>

    That’s awesome.

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