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  • When Comments module is activated, the translation of the comment form, including the “Notify me when …” text remains untranslated. This observation is based on a complete, approved translation of all strings Jetpack 1.4.1, downloaded form to Norwegian (bokmål), where I am a moderator.

    Point is: When Jetpack Comments is deactivated, then translation works.

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  • This is a great update to the comment module.

    I can say, that the same thing as Knut describes for the norwegian language, is also true for the danish language.

    If i just could find the file to translate, i’ll do it myself.

    Any ideas?

    Thx for a graet plugin, that just keeps getting better and better.

    @troelschristensen: Please use to translate, and all installations will benefit.

    I agress Jetpack is a great plugin, possibly the greatest WordPress plugin ever.

    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    Thanks for the note. We’ll take a look and get this fixed.

    @knut. Thx. I did not know that. I’ll try that then.

    Hi again. It might be a bug. Found the translated text on this page

    It is already translated, but not showing up on my blog.

    Plugin Author Michael Adams (mdawaffe)



    There are three things going on here.

    1. Jetpack needs to have everything translated:
    2. The comment form is loaded in an iframe from, which is translated separately from Jetpack:
      We try to make sure that the strings and Jetpack have in common get synced correctly, but not all the strings are the same between those two translation projects (and sometimes we miss some). So if you see a string untranslated in the comment form, make sure it’s translated in the wpcom project as well.
    3. There’s a bug 🙂 Some languages/locales don’t get correctly set in the Jetpack comment form. nb_NO is one of them. We’re fixing this bug right now. When it’s fixed, it will “just work”, there will be no need to get a new version of the Jetpack plugin.
    Plugin Author Michael Adams (mdawaffe)



    The bug on our end should be fixed now. I’ve tried nb_NO, it_IT, and da_DK and all are getting translated correctly.

    Note that translations aren’t complete for some languages because the strings have not been translated at


    I have installed the plugin but there are some sentences there are no translated in Spanish:

    Address never made public
    You are commenting using your XXXX account.
    Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in

    I have found that a provisional translation is here since yesterday:

    I would like to know how many time I have to wait to see these translations approved. Thanks!

    Plugin Contributor Jenia


    @sha12sha: the three translations mentioned above have been approved and deployed. On, we rely on volunteer validators to review and approve the translations before they are deployed, and unfortunately the Spanish validators were not very active (so I had someone on the approve the translations). Let me know if you need any more help with this!

    Thanks so much @jenia 🙂


    I’ve installed this great plugin, but many lines are not translated to Hebrew yet or the translation have mistakes.
    How can I provide a fixed Hebrew translation?

    @007me: This is already answered in this thread, and it is


    I know, but it’s not fully translated and I would like to contribute hte rest of the translation but don’t know how.
    I’ve used POEDIT till now but can’t find the POT file for the Jetpack.

    @007me: You didn’t bother visiting the link? You say you know and you don’t know. The site is the answer. Just translate.

    @knut: That’s what I did Knut, I went to the site and started translating.
    My question is when will I see the translation working on my blog?
    do I have to export it manually to MO file?
    Or it will be updated automatically the next time Jetpack will update their version?

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