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    Hi Igor,

    Thanks for the the new features.

    I can’t figure out how the email button and settings work.
    What am I supposed to put in the ‘from’ and ‘to’ fields? How does a visitor fill the email form? The button seems to do nothing on my test page. It displays the success message under the button, but I don’t get an email into the mailbox that I set in the ‘to’ field.

    Thanks in advance for the advices,


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  • I’m also having troubles getting the email button to work. Also, the new version has caused my radio buttons to be positioned above the text instead of on the same line. How can I get it back to the way it was before these recent updates?


    Plugin Author jazzigor


    The email settings are ment to be as flexible as possible. You can insert email addresses directly in the “from” and/or “to” fields, e.g. or My name <>. This would be a good starting point in order to test Jazzy Forms’ email feature.

    Usually that’s not enough. You also want to be able to send out information back to the email address that the user has typed in.

    As an example, go to the form Elements section and set up two input elements with IDs name and email. Then, in the Email section, set the “to” field to {{name}} <{{email}}>. The double curly braces denote placeholders that will be replaced with the values from the corresponding form elements.

    Unfortunately with PHP when something goes wrong with email, it is quite difficult to tell why. Even if PHP indicates success this only means the data has been passed successfully to the mailing system. From there a lot of things can fail. Among these are:

    • Email might not be set up correctly in your PHP.ini settings
    • Your hosting provider may block email altogether.
    • Your hosting provider may block email from or to non-existing or unknown addresses
    • Your mail might be blocked on the way as spam
    • The message might end up in the recipient’s spam folder.
    • The delivery might simply take more than you think

    … and the list goes on…

    thanks Igor,

    Do you mean if I don’t insert any addresses to the ‘to’ and ‘from’ fields ( I leave both empty), the plugin will automatically send an email to my default address that is set in the php.ini?
    And if I insert an address into the ‘to’ field, an email will be sent to my default address AND to the inserted address as well?

    Or lets take an example. I use the calculator for online quotes (calculating prices for different services). If I want the quote sent to me AND the client who used the form as well, what do I do? I set up two input fields for ‘name’ and ’email address’, then the visitor fills these, I guess? I give these an ID, and then what do I insert into the ‘to’ ‘from’ and the ‘cc’ fields on the email settings tab to get the quote sent out to me and the visitor as well?

    I assume my php settings are fine, as I use other plugins that send emails and they work fine.

    I managed to make it send emails to one address that I enter in the ‘to’ field manually, but it doesn’t send a copy to an email address I set up in the ‘cc’ field using the the user email field ID with braces. (I guess that is how it should send an email to the visitor who fills the ‘your email address’ field.)
    Also, until I don’t insert anything in the message field, it sends the email, but as soon as I insert an ID in double curly braces like for example {{ID}}, it doesn’t send the email, just displays the sending message witout displaying the success message afterwards.

    after testing it a bit further, I noticed that it sends the email if I insert the ‘output’ ID (the field with the formula) or ‘input’ field (text by user) but it doesn’t send anything if I insert a drop down or check box ID. (I don’t have radio buttons at the moment so I didn’t test that)

    I have not been able to get the CC or BCC function to work either however if you format your to field like this you can still achieve a CC


    this seems to work fine

    I also seem to be having an issue with the formatting of the body of the email

    If I enter something like this:
    Dear {{FirstName}}

    We are pleased to submit the following Quotation based on your specified requirements


    When I save it and then go back into it it seems to change the LineFeeds to this:
    Dear {{FirstName}}u000au000aWe are pleased to submit the following Quotation based on your specified requirementsu000au000a{{TotalPrice}}

    Not sure what is causing this one though, any ideas Igor??



    Hi Igor…

    Thanks for tht email update, however, I must be doing something incorrect… I’ve added an email button…then go to the email tab and fill in the corresponding data. Once saved, when I go back to the email tab, all the data that I had entered is gone. And when the email button is pressed on the actual page, nothing happens…


    cweigand69, I believe the solution for your problem is simply disabling and re-enabling the plugin. That normally does the trick for me. I mean when the problem is that the plugin doesn’t save what you enter. After re-enabling it, it saves again.

    there seems to be an issue with the Javascript that compiles the email message text as it puts this at the end of each line u000au000a

    I have edited the mysql database directly to create the message body and it seems to work fine so it is not the email sending itself that is the problem.

    Is it possible to add if statements in the message body?

    I have quite a few drop down boxes and these all set to true and false values of 0 & 1 so I was hoping to do something like IF(PrintOnly=1, “Print Only”, “Pack & Print”)

    is there any way this can be done?
    If I cannot do it this way it I am going to have to go through my entire form and change the values


    Thanks, istvan… that seemed to work… new issues, though. My form has 4 “Input” fields…name, address, phone and email. 3 Dropdowns with values and one “output” field. On the Email tab, when I place placeholders there that correspond with the values set for each of the fields, “name” and “address” and “output” work fine. The rest show up blank… and if Input anything in the phone number input field, the form just hangs on sending…

    yes, that is exactly what mine does. if I enter any placeholders into the message body (input/output fields work, but drop downs don’t) it hangs on sending, and no email gets sent.
    hopefully Igor can release an update soon that solves these issues discussed above.

    …so trouble shooting a little… I’ve noticed that it’s the numbers or combination of numbers and letters in one input field that is causing my form to hang.

    …and dropdowns are not working at all in the placeholder “message” area.

    Hi Igor,
    thank you for the update!
    The IE8 compatibility issues highlighted before seem to be fixed, but the new “send mail” function does not work: it says that the email is sent successfully but nothing is really sent.
    With IE9 and Firefox it works, exept for the issues already reported by Istvan and cweigand69.

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