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  • Hello,

    A while ago I was trying to get this work but it didn’t work out, so I have put this plugin aside for a while hoping that the email function improves. Now that wp notified me about version 0.10 I decided to give it a go again.

    I opened settings and I saw the same fields on the email tab that made me nervous a bit but I tried filling them. Thing is I am unable to figure out how to get the plugin to send an email to the visitor and to me as well.

    I remembered an old thread for tips on this very subject but for some reasons I couldn’t find it in the forum. This plugin is great but I just can’t use it, because it doesn’t make sense to me if a visitor and/or I can’t receive an email with the results and the content of the fields.

    All I want to achieve is:

    1. let visitors to send the results to themselves
    2. get the same results send to myself
    3. get my business name displayed as sender in the email received by the visitor (instead of ‘WordPress’)
    4. being able to control how the email looks for the visitor and for me
    5 the visitors email address in the from field of the email I recieve and
    6. my default email address displayed for the visitors in the email they receive from me as the sender
    7. get the title of the form element option displayed in the email instead of the value, as it is the title what the visitors see online and not the value. The value is only a mathematical number I use for output calculation. So if someone choose purple from the options ‘t-shirt color’ I would like them to see ‘t-shirt color: purple’ in their email and not ‘t-shirt color: 0.95’

    Thanks for help in advance,


    edit: found that old thread and now I know how to display my business name as sender in the email the visitors receive, but this is all I understand.

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  • Plugin Author jazzigor


    Hi Istvan,

    I’m very glad you are back on the block. I cherished your comments and investigations a lot months ago.

    Let me try to comment on your issues one by one:

    1. Let’s say you collect the user’s email address in an input element with an ID set to usermail. Then in the emails “to” simply type {{usermail}} . That’s a placeholder and it will be replaced by the email address the user has typed in.
    2. Just like in most email programs, the “to” field allows for multiple addresses, separated by commas. So if you simply want to receive the email at an fixed email address type something like . It doesn’t have to have a placeholder. If you want to send it to yourself in addition to the user like discussed under the previous point it would be
    3. In order to specify the sender’s real name, in addition to his email address, use the following notation: "My real name" <>. That’s the real name within quotation marks, followed by the email address in pair of less-than/greater-than symbols. Again, this notation is something you might be familiar with from email programs and popular plugins like Contact Form alike.
    4. Not possible yet. Currently Jazzy Forms doesn’t work with multiple email templates.
    5. and 6. The email is actually send to you and your user at once, so in your case you would probably want to set your own email address as the sender (“from”) and both the user’s email address and yours as addressees (“to”). In order not to confuse the user you also might want to choose to set your own address for blind copy (BCC) instead.
    7. This is something you have requested time ago, together with others. Thank you very much for that contribution. I’ve listened and introduced an extra function called label() for that. Here is how it works now. Let’s say you have a dropdown menu with ID product. The term product still evaluates to the selected option’s value, not its title. However label(product) gives you the title of the selected option. So your email template could look similar to You've chosen {{label(product)}}. The price is {{product}}

    I’ve set up a test form for you that more or less covers all points discussed here.

    I hope this helps.

    Hi Igor,

    Thanks for explaining everything, I have tried and it works fine, great. Also, thanks for the label function, now I can customise the emails the way I wanted to. So now everything works, apart from the different email templates, but that is not a major issue, I can live with that, the good thing is that customers receives an email that is customized for them. Thanks again!


    Plugin Author jazzigor


    Hey, great! Thanks to you for your valuable suggestions and for sharing your experiences here.

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