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  • Adam Saverian


    Also the developer claims that you can place columns anywhere (not only in posts). This isn’t true.

    Plugin Author gesman


    Check this page:
    It lists detailed specs usage for each shortcode + examples. Please note – this is free plugin – so it is supported as per developer’s available free time.
    As with all good developers – they are usually busy with plenty of consulting jobs, so if you want your specific needs addressed in a timely manner – you may use the power of budget + magic of website contact form 🙂

    Adam Saverian


    Yeah, I know about that page, but I shouldn’t have to to go to a the developer’s website every time I want to write a short code on my site. It’s a great scheme to get lots of traffic to his/her website, but it’s not useful for a user. The documentation should be included as a page in the plugin settings tab in the admin area. It’s a good plugin besides the fact that I have to open up the developers website every time I want to use it, but that’s just ridiculous.

    I think this is just personal preference. I personally like the fact that the plugin does not add additional help screens, I already have too much of that, even in my own plugins.

    If you really want to add the shortcodes as reference in WordPress you can install and copy the help from the developers site.

    I have been using J-Codes extensively and never had a problem with documentation. The only exception to this is that I could not figure out nesting of JBox elements, but I sent an email to the Plugin Developer and he replied to me within 6 hours. I think that is awesome especially considering that cost zero $$$. Thanks to the author.

    @adam: I can’t believe what I read here! It is “ridiculous” to have to go to the developer’s website for documentation???

    How barefaced must one be to raise expectations like that on a free plugin?

    And it’s only a “great scheme to get lots of traffic” if the plugin is really good and has a huge user base. If that’s the case, then they DESERVE the traffic. Lamenting about it is nothing but pathetic!

    Before running down other people and their work (work that you obviously intend to benefit from), ask yourself when was the last time YOU gave something away for free!

    God, I can’t even begin to tell how much this kind of attitude towards FOSS authors upsets me. They deserve nothing but the greatest respect. End of story.

    @grasp: +1

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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