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  • I have the same problem: no way to input any settings (using WordPress 3.0.4 on and Mozilla Firefox).

    This is the screen of what I see from the admin panel. There is also a strange error that I was not able to fix.

    I don’t think this plugin is being tended to anymore, no responces in over a week.
    I was actually looking for a gift reg service. Found a nice free one that links to my site so it solved my issue, don’t know that this plugin could have served my needs anyway.

    I tried to contact the developer via mail, I hope he’ll reply soon.

    Anyway, did you find a substitute plugin? I don’t really get what you mean with ‘gift reg’.

    It’s a gift registry service, not a plugin, nothing to do with WP. It’s what I was looking for originally, thought “I Want I Have” would be similar, but I don’t know because it never worked for me.

    Here’s the gift registry service if you or anyone has a similar need.

    As far as I know, there are no gift registry plugins for WP. Kinda odd, I thought.

    Plugin Author DanielSands


    Hi deepbevel,

    I think this is simply a case that the current version of WordPress has fundamentally changed since I first developed the plug in. When I started the development I was out of work and had a lot of time on my hands to create plugins like this – however, I am now in full time employment and cannot dedicate enough time to maintain this plugin.

    As with all plugins on WordPress – all the code is open source. You are more than welcome to approach another developer on this site and ask if they would take up the maintenance of my code, as it’s probably an easy thing to fix.

    Sorry I cannot help you on this occasion.

    Kind Regards
    Daniel Sands

    Hey Daniel, thanks for checking in. certianly understandable. I’m glad you’re working now, and yes, I suppose if an unsupported plugin is in demand someone will take up development. We shall see.

    Sadly, otherwise, it would have been perfect for my business, I was really astonished about the existence of a plugin taylored to my own necessities! And, still sadly, I wouldn’t know how to modify the code, I guess I won’t have anything like that anymore 🙁

    What are your specific needs, that you thought this plugin might provide? I’m no php guru but may be able to help.

    Thanks a lot for your kindeness! My intent was using a button that users could use to notify which of the films in my articles had seen: I thought and hoped that their nickname would have been screened in a specific area of the article just clicking on the button and, perhaps, having a number meter that could add unities at every click on that button. Is it too difficult to realize?

    I use a WP like button as part of a gift registry. I just modified the text for the button clicks. It won’t record usernames but it counts the button clicks. You could make the text say “I’ve seen this”

    here’s what I use

    You can customize the messages for the button clicks right in the plugin settings. You can change the image for the button too.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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