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    Hi I have installed your plugin on my website and I love it, it works like I want but I have the widget in the footer and the read more goes to a 404 page as I don’t have a testimonials page I have a delighted-clients instead, how do I get the read more link to go to the individual testimonial?

    My website is:

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  • Hello Graham,

    To link to individual Testimonials:

    [ic_do_testimonials link_testimonials='yes'] – Adds the a link within the <cite> tag that points to the individual testimonial. Note: Pretty permalinks must be set to allow testimonial linking. If you’re using the default (ugly) permalinks, which include a query string, linking won’t work. Not sure? If your links look like you’re not using Pretty Permalinks. (off by default)

    To link to an All Testimonials page:

    [ic_do_testimonials all_url=''] – specify a link to a page that lists all testimonials. The plugin doesn’t create this page, so you’ll want to add a page and embed the list of testimonials using the example below.

    Thanks for the fast reply but that doesn’t seem to work, I don’t have a page called ‘testimonials’ but I have ‘Delighted-Clients’.

    I found out that I had to edit the plugin to have the url as I saw it put in testimonials, if you have a page with all your testimonials on which isn’t called testimonials then it should be:

    The linking to view all the testimonials wasn’t what I wanted as i wanted to link to the individual testimonial.

    Thanks though

    gab1982 – did you edit the plugin core?

    If so, your changes will be wiped out on update.

    I’ll make a note of this for future versions and feel free to contribute on GitHub:

    Hi Eric,
    Yeah I did, this client requires me to update the site so I will know this, I will update Github asap, thanks for the link. It would be a good idea if this plugin in the future had this feature built in so users could change their testimonial source page and the read more take account of that change.


    Hey Graham,

    Thanks for posting in GitHub. Please feel free to submit a patch if you like/are able.

    Great minds – I asked a similar question of you on GitHub. I think allowing the user to set a “Testimonial Base” might be nice, so we might look into that.

    It’s definitely an exception, but would be a nice feature.

    Unfortunately I can only write and read Procedural PHP as I am primarily a designer rather than a developer so am unable to do, it would be a nice feature to have though 🙂

    Thanks gab1982. We’ll take a look and see if this is something we can add in the near future.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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