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    For me this is very important. Many people do not have a PC but almost everyone has a smartphone. Moreover, I often need to make an intervention on my website while I’m on the street.

    Plugin is not responsive. Plugin uses tables (instead of DIV and CLASS). Customization is almost impossible mission. Not through CSS. I’ve tried and given up. Firefox > Tools > Web Developer – I can not reveal nothing.

    Affiliate Home /Dashboard – This is not easily visible. Fields coming out of screen. Tabs are not highlighted. There is a hoover. But here you do not see active tab. I do not know where I am.

    Affiliate Register Form – also, all the fields coming out of screen (Please, take your smartphone and take a look at Profile. Catastrophe.).

    Affiliate Login Form – this is almost perfect. I wish the whole plugin follows this “stupid simple” layout.

    (1) The width should not be limited. This should go to 100%; (2) Field name goes above the field (like login form). (3) No lines, no table, no bells. We need a simple design.

    Each WP theme, a different look of Affiliates Manager plugin. Everything is tight and crumpled.

    Do not think that I’m just looking for flaws. I just want this to be even better. I am before this bought and used the Affiliate Platform and AffiliateWP. I tried Affiliates, also. Now, Affiliates Manager is my favorite WP affiliate plugin.

    (1) How to customize forms? Do you have some CSS snippets?
    (2) Is it possible that in the near future you fix the design?

    Thanks in advance. Regards,

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  • Hi, when you say it is not responsive are you talking about viewing the affiliate settings as an admin via a mobile device or are you referring to login into the affiliate via a mobile device is not responsive?

    In regards to the following comment.

    Each WP theme, a different look of Affiliates Manager plugin. Everything is tight and crumpled.

    Which WP themes have you tested?


    Hi @mbrsolution,

    I mean – responsive design (responsive web design adjusts content to a device’s screen.).

    Definition: Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors). – Wikipedia.

    I’ve tried with a few WP themes (WP Twenty Seventeen, Ample, GeneratePress, Vega, … ). These are all responsive themes by design.

    I am now working on Vega Theme. This is my favorite theme. It has a beautiful design. Theme is responsive and bootstrap. But the plugin is not responsive by design. Everything is fine when viewed on a big screen (PC, laptop). But, the plugin does not adjust layout/design by screen size. On smartphones plugin is “unusable”.

    In the meantime, I am working with custom CSS and Vega Child Theme. If possible, I’d like to customize the design of the plugin so that the pages and forms of Affiliate Manager plugin are ideally visible on smartphones.

    So, plugin is ok. But I’d like to developers design the plugin so that the plugin ideally visible on all devices (PC, tablet, smartphones).


    Thank you for providing the extra information. This will help the plugin developers investigate further your current issue.


    False (not according with truth or fact, incorrect):

    Responsive Affiliate Area

    The affiliate area created by this plugin is responsive and stylish


    WP Affiliates Manager

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