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    the plugin is using fonts from an external server (fontawesome.com). See file “wp-content/plugins/userswp/vendor/ayecode/wp-font-awesome-settings/wp-font-awesome-settings.php”.

    In Germany or Europe this is not allowed and can be lead to expensive legal consequences for the site owner.

    Please fix this or offer an option in the plugin to deactivate fonts and scripts from an external server!

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    Germany seems to have the toughest rules here, you should still be in compliance if they are added to your list of processors.

    I have created a developer task to implement these locally, it will be noted in the change log once released.



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    Dear Stiofan!

    Yes Germany really have toughest rules. 🙁

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards

    Hi there,
    I’m having the same issue. I even installed a local font awesome instance into my wordpress, following the official font awesome guide: https://fontawesome.com/docs/web/setup/host-yourself/webfonts
    and this German article which basically uses the “all.css” option of the official guide:

    This approach works for me insofar that for example Learndash-realted plugins now load the local font.

    However not so UsersWP … It still loads the webfont persistently … I wonder why? If UsersWP would call font awesome in a standard procedure, the local installation should be used by it properly like in the mentioned Learndash plugins …
    Could you please change that urgently?

    Btw. this is not specific for German GDPR. We basically have the same GDPR rules in the whole of the EU. So this is an issue that will affect lots and lots of your installations …

    Thank you and best

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    Hi there again,
    actually, i found that when going to wp > settings > font awesome, changing “Enqueue” to Backend, UsersWP does not load fontawesome any more as a web font. So far I have not found any restriction because of that in the way I use UsersWP …
    Hope that helps

    Plugin Author Stiofan


    If you have the official font awesome plugin installed, it takes over.

    We have also added an option to load it locally, this will be in the release next week.



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