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  • I just updated my Woocommerce website with the last version of WP 5.6 and WC 4.8.
    But the plugin is not working anymore, whereas it was working fine before the update.
    Am I the only one having this issue?

    @plugin’s Author: Any chance for a compatility fix?

    Many thanks for your support!

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  • I can confirm this plugin is no longer working it is the WordPress 5.6 update that has caused the issue.

    Plugin Author Varun Sridharan


    @from-scratch @gazzasma

    Sorry about the delay in response.

    can you please provide some info on whats the exact issue ?

    Because i have tested the same with latest WordPress version and i am not facing any issue.

    I believe it’s to do with the JQuery updates in WordPress 5.6 I have tested on an offline copy of my website running 5.6 where your plugin has stopped working then I rolled back to wordpress 5.5.3 and your plugin works as expected. When running 5.6 if I edit an existing product that has a role based price set I am unable to change any price settings as the role based price for woocommerce editor just has a spinning loading graphic on it.

    If I install the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper from WordPress and enable the jQuery Version Legacy 1.12.4-wp in settings your plugin starts to work again and I am able to enter and change user role based prices in the role based price for woocommerce editor in product pages.

    Plugin Author Varun Sridharan


    @gazzasma thanks for the information

    i will check and update the plugin based on it.

    It doesn’t work in Firefox 83.0
    It does work alright in Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88

    Just tested the plugin in Microsoft Edge and it doesn’t work, you get the “Leave Site? Changes you made may not be saved” message.


    When I try to activate the plugin I get “Plugin does not have correct header” error or something like that, I translate from russian.



    As the administrator, I can see the product on my website, but none of the products show up when I am not logged in. in the previous WordPress version, the products would show up even if a person was not logged in now, they don’t. I need help as I am losing sales.



    Any update on a fix yet I don’t really want to change plugin as this one really is my favourite

    @varunms Hi, will there be an update any time soon? Thank you.

    Any news on a fix?

    More than 6 months without reply from plugin author.

    Hi there,
    Any news? I updated few days ago WP and WC and now I don’t see a special price for few roles 🙁

    I finally got mine to start working by paying one of my employees to manually change all 4 prices MSRP, Selling Price, Wholesale Price, and Distributor price. We have over 800 products so it was very time consuming but at least it is working.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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