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  • Hi,
    I used the plugin to 2 create custom taxonomies and added it to the normal posts. One hierarchical and one not.
    Both are showing perfectly fine and working as expected without any problems.

    However, when I activated the Gutenberg Plugin, both boxes gave this errors:
    Warning: call_user_func() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'post_tags_meta_box' not found or invalid function name in /home/coptic/public_html/test/wp-content/plugins/gutenberg/lib/meta-box-partial-page.php on line 256

    I re-saved the permalinks but it didn’t change anything. If I went back to the normal editor, the boxes show properly without problems?

    How to deal with this problem, as I am about to purchase the paid version of WP Types.

    I dont work with Gutenberg now, but I am building a system and don’t want to be locked to not updating WordPress because the plugin is incompatible with Gutenberg, which will be forced onto wp.

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    Well, that error mentioned Gutenberg, not Toolset.

    How is this issue related to Toolset Types?

    Is this happening as well when you disable Types?

    The function that throws the error is a WordPress core function:

    Hence it’s a little strange that it cannot be found.

    I will need to install a Gutenberg instance to test, but I strongly suspect this is not related to Types.

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    I hope you had time to read my initial post!

    1- How is this issue related to Toolset Types?? It happens to Toolset Types!!

    2- Is it happening as well when you disabke Types? of course not…because it happens TO the Toolset Types!

    I am not telling you that Types break Gutenberg. I am telling you that when Gutenberg is activated, the Toolset Types custom taxonomy metabox does not work and give this error.
    Yes it says “Gutenberg” in the error, but the error means that the Toolset Types is not compatible with Gutenberg.

    Here is a screenshot showing the metaboxes with Gutenberg OFF:

    Here is a screenshot showing the error when Gutenberg is Activated:

    Metaboxes is a very hot topic because it has dramatic effects with Gutenberg.

    please check this:

    You can choose not to check what I am saying, but when WP 5.0 is released, you will get all your customers screaming.


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    I am sorry, now I get it.

    I understood, the error happens in the Gutenberg instances – since the error is related to it.

    Of course we always solve the issues as soon we know how to replicate them.

    We are also actively working on compatibility with Gutenberg – to ensure a full compatibility.

    Thank you for clarifying the issue for me – I will report this problem and we will check what there is to do.

    Thank you!

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    Ok, I want to let you know here also the plans for Gutenberg and Toolset, I just discussed the issue you reported with the DEV and got some insights.

    1. It is not yet suggested to mix Toolset with Gutenberg. If you do it, use a Site that you can always reset (development environment)

    2. We work actively on Gutenberg integrations, but due to the fast life that the Gutenberg plugin presents in it’s beta development, sometimes we need to wait until certain things are within the core, or at least finalized enough to start working with a base that will not change heavily anymore

    3. Right now, our target is to integrate Gutenberg as a Content Template builder (which is useful if you use the rest of Toolset as well)

    4. We did not yet dive in bug solving, as per the issue mentioned above, where things are still changing quite fast and it is not adequate to solve conflicts as long they are still working on the code that might conflict.

    Last but not least, the issue you mentioned has been replicated by me and reported to the DEV to observe and react adequately.

    Thank you again for the heads up and sorry I misunderstood the initial report.

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    Thanks a lot for your prompt response, and sorry if I sounded harsh. I did not mean to, but this Gutenberg is driving me crazy.
    I heavily depend on Types for custom fields and custom post types and was mad when Gutenberg broke them.

    I am not intending on using Gutenberg for the time being at all. What I was trying to avoid is breaking my system because of it.

    Anyway, I trust that things are under your control, and hopefully you will find a solution.

    thanks again for your help.

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    No problem, I am the one who has to apologize.

    I did not understand the issue correctly while you just invested your time to inform us of a potential issue.

    Yes, I also suggest to wait for Gutenberg’s stable release.

    We have a blog post on the plans BTW:

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    Hi @bedas
    It’s ok, thanks for your generous help.

    One last question, please.

    Are the “views” and “templates” in the paid version of the plugin AMP compatible?

    I am using the types custom fields and their shortcodes in my php templates and they are working perfectly.

    I mean: will the pagges and custom posts I create using the types plugin be compliant with Google’s AMP?

    thanks a lot.

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    Not officially, and I never played with AMP.

    But you can display views with PHP as well, or by ShortCodes

    But I cannot answer for AMP compatibility as we do nat public or officially support this.

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