• So, the plugin is pretty good actually. Does what it says it does and does them well. Tested it initially on a local environment, worked for all I wanted to do, had no trouble during installation or license activation.

    Then decided to use the plugin on the live site since it passed the test. Run into trouble with license activation.

    Had to open a support ticket so they could help me with that and they did help me with that.

    However I did run into trouble with the license activation. -1 star for this.

    The other thing I noticed is that the support is kind of slow. I mean I payed a decent amount of money, and support answered back very slowly. -1 star for this.


    The plugin itself is pretty good. I liked the capabilities it offers and it helps A LOT. However, if you run into problems with license activation, or any other possible problems (I haven’t run into any other problems so far) you might have to wait a bit for support team to reply.

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