• I wish this plugin worked for me because the concept is great. It has some major flaws for me though:
    1. When adding multiple links, there seems to be a caching issue with the plugin. For example. I add a link to Amazon for construction paper. All good. Then I try to add a link for scissors, and the plugin changes it to the construction paper link. I have to try multiple times to get it to stop changing it to the first link.
    2. I can edit a link a couple of times, but often, if I have to edit a 3rd time, the link box won’t even open when I click on the link.
    3. When I make a link “no-follow”, it changes ALL the links in my post to no-follow links.
    4. When making a link open in a separate tab, adding the link often fails. I click apply, and the text does NOT become a hyperlink. I think this is also due to a glitch in the plugin.
    I know many other bloggers are having the same issues, so hopefully some tweaks can be made to the plugin.

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