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    Now even the website doesn’t work. Looks like the developers got sick of all the bad reviews so they just gave up and went home.

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    Sure, it has been frustrating ‘off and on’ for the many like myself over these past two years whilst this plugin has/is evolving.

    In their best efforts, SNAP it seems, has become a victim of its own success.

    Having read 90% of recent posts and in my view, the issues on balance were :

    90% of users of the plugin did not follow the correct process, failed in taking/implementing/actioning the advice/support provided by the SNAP Team.

    Sure, at times, the team were slow to respond but given the fact that v4 was/is still in its infancy AND having to prioritise support for ‘paid’ customers, those using the free version were of course, having to wait for a response.

    In their best efforts, I think that the SNAP team did ‘drop the ball’ by rolling out recent updates; they should have first focused on completing and testing v4; focused on the paid users first and THEN release the free version.

    Poor marketing strategy for sure…

    Now I totally understand the frustration during the recent roll-out but frankly and of some of the messages/questions I have read and if I were the developer, I would have made the posters wait and focused on the paying customers!

    In fact and to be blunt; I would have told some of the more acidic posters to go and …. off!

    Afterall, what does it cost the user in being respectful but firm in getting your message across?

    So STOP flaming SNAP for what is, in the main, a users inability to READ an follow instructions!

    Let’s Recap :

    This version is a


    plugin, it costs NOTHING other than READING how to set it up and thereafter, tweaking various elements to the desired specific requirements.

    Did I mention its FREE with ‘lite’ support?

    Yes, it can be a frustrating process in getting it right; goodness knows the hours I have taken recently!

    So like many, whoever is deploying this plugin, we FREE users have to WAIT ‘in turn’ and ‘in line’ for a response.

    And whilst it may take hours if not days waiting for a response which I know only too well, we all need to remember that SNAP are giving this plugin away for FREE!

    Choices :

    It’s all about choices right?

    If any of us do not like the currently development process, getting frustrated or impatient there is a simple answer :

    Either buy the full version and get priority support; which could be improved or !!! STOP USING THE PLUGIN !!!

    No-one made or forced anyone to use it, in fact many saw/see it as a total freebie in monetising their website!

    How many of use using the free version who have made money from using it sent a one dime to SNAP as a ‘donation’?! >>> I SUSPECT NOT ONE!!

    Personally, I can only thank the SNAP Team for this free plugin and will continue, albeit at times frustrating, in supporting them.

    So Let’s Recap :




    If you don’t like it or its driving you crazy – UNINSTALL IT and walk away!!

    So there you have it; no need for anyone to write me back – you either get it or you don’t.

    Make a decision, stick with it and …. … …. up, get in the queue and wait your turn like everyone else!

    Enough said?….

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    Excellent advice. Given that your plugin doesn’t work and your website is down, I shall take this dead-in-the-water plugin and stick it where you got your crappy attitude from.

    Plugin Author NextScripts


    @etfb, thank for your review.
    @rik0399, thank for your review.

    Just couple things.

    1. Plugin is very much alive. We just made a huge new release and we have a lot of future plans.

    2. Our website is up and running.

    2. rik0399 is not working for us or anyhow related to us.




    Sure, at times, the team were slow to respond but given the fact that v4 was/is still in its infancy AND having to prioritise support for ‘paid’ customers, those using the free version were of course, having to wait for a response.

    I hope you are joking. There is even less support for paid customers, seriously! You can read the reviews here. The times when I got “paid” support is when I came to complain here so that the developer will consider my ticket. In case it is not clear I am a paid customer.

    I am a pro user and I won’t renew, this is 100% sure. I was using this plugin to post to twitter, stumbleupon, blogspot, tumblr.
    For twitter and tumblr I switched to tumbligjazz and twitterdub (both are from the same developer, THE BEST out there I Know, he always replies, fix bugs and add new features requests fast). I have a wordpress multisite and tumblr would ban some of my account sometimes, because I was posting from the same ip (not anymore with tumblingjazz that support proxies)
    For blogspot, sometimes SNAP would post, sometimes not. I am using the SNAP “pro” posting method. I opened a ticket and even posted here, but no reply/solution. I will just stop posting there because it is not bringing enough traffic and it is not worth developing a custom bot for that.
    Stumbleupon is same as blogspot but worst, many of my account can’t post anymore. I didn’t even bother opening a ticket because I know it won’t be fixed. I am already outsourcing the development of a custom poster because it brings lot of traffic.

    @rik0399 again I completely disagree with you, maybe you are a free user so it is okay for you not to get support but read the reviews carefully you will see that many complains are from paid users that don’t get a reply.
    It is not because something is free that we should not expect good support or a perfect product. WordPress itself is free, remember…

    Another thing… I paid for the adult version of SNAP (they created a separate website for it at xposter.pro and thi ssite is down right now! see here –> https://ibb.co/dHRCSm ) This plugin cost 250$ PER YEAR and it was not working. I will not post the names of the domains that were not working because it is p*rn and I don’t know if it is allowed here but the biggest adult pinboard was not working and many other websites because they all use the same themes and SNAP couldn’t post there. I am a developer myself and I worked for two days trying to fix it, I couldn’t for one of the theme but for the major pin board I fixed it and also the others. I wrote them (on the paid support) and told them the things that were not working and to have a look, it would be easy for them to fix because they know the code inside out, and yes SNAP is a huge plugin, well coded I must say!
    They never replied to me. For many weeks I waited and I finally asked for a refund from my bank. They didn’t even try to dispute the chargeback. I got my money back and that’s it. I am obviously not going to pay for it ever. I will probably outsource the development of a custom poster, it will cost less than 250$ and I won’t have to pay every year for it….

    This is my first negative review, I wouldn’t post it if I didn’t see you (@rik0399) trying to defend them and saying that the free users don’t deserve a good support.
    SO my final word is, SNAP is good plugin but don’t count on them if autoposting is important for you and you are making money of it. More importantly NEVER PAY FOR THE PRO VERSION, seriously. I know it is bad for them when I say that but it is from my experience. I received less to none support as a paid user. BTW, The only reason I paid for pro was to use the plugin on wordpress multisite.

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    @fkone We bought xposter a few days ago and we still haven’t been able to use it… Still no answer from the support to our ticket for one week, we hesitate to ask for a refund… Maybe you can help us, did you receive a file to download when you bought it? we have received nothing and the new networks do not appear anywhere with our activation key…



    @ronyb34 My advice to you is to just ask for a refund with you bank directly (faster than paypal and you get your money back directly).

    The way it works is they need to make it available to you and then you will by able to download it from your “https://www.nextscripts.com/mypage/” page and install it as a plugin, then the new networks will appear; BUT the plugin doesn’t work. They will make it available but it doesn’t work. I think they are just being scammers to let the plugin available for purchase knowing that most networks don’t work.



    Actually maybe I am wrong about where to find the zip. I cannot see it on “mypage” but yes it is a plugin you download and upload/install it on your wordpress



    @fkone Thank you very much for your answer, on our side we don’t have the plugin in download on our page either… Only SNAP Pro Upgrade Helper and SNAP API. We would have liked to try it anyway. Have you found another solution for autoposting?



    @ronyb34 for autoposting as I said above I am using twitterdub (for twitter) and tumblingjazz (for tumblr). If you just want basic autopost without automating like/retweet/follow hacks I think you can stick with SNAP but I am not comfortable depending on them. Plus SNAP doesn’t support proxies for tumblr and tumblr will ban you if you post many times from the same ip to multiple accounts. For stumbleupon I am outsourcing the development of a bot. If you decide to use SNAP remember that stumbleupon doesn’t like you posting from only one domain so if you have many domains use the same account for them and you will be able to post more per day for each domain.
    Now for the adult autoposting, for now I put it on pause, not bringing that much traffic so I focus on others. But I will outsource a bot development once the stumbleupon bot is ready. I didn’t find any bot posting to those adult pinboards.
    I would recommend you to stick with the major pinboards (s*x.com, smu*ty), the remaining doesn’t bring enough traffic and most of them die after a few months/year. You will waste your time posting there (even with a bot, the time you take to create the account and add it in the bot is not worth the traffic you will get)

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