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  • Plugin Contributor Rumperuu


    Hi all,

    As you can see on the Plugin Directory listing, the last update for this Plugin was 12 months ago and the last code commits on the GitHub repo. were made last August.

    @lolzim and I have been unable to contact @markcheret for many months, and as a result we are no longer working on the Plugin. As things currently stand, this Plugin is no longer under active development, and footnotes is abandoned.

    What does this mean for footnotes users? Technically, nothing. The Plugin will continue to work just the same for everyone. Users can continue to post in the Support Forums with any issues they may be having, and may receive support from other members of the community.

    However, as the Plugin is no longer being worked on, there will be no bug fixes or new features added. Whilst we do not currently know of any security issues with the Plugin, in the event that one is later discovered there will be no fixes provided. Users who continue to use the Plugin do so at their own risk (although this Plugin has always been provided with no warranty, so in some respects this has always been the case).

    As @markcheret is the only person with access to the SVN repository, if anybody would like to take up development of the Plugin themselves they will have to fork it and publish their own version. The latest version of the codebase is available on GitHub here, or there is the branch for the incomplete major rewrite of the Plugin (along with an ongoing pull request and various Issues detailing our development plans).

    For users who wish to replace this Plugin with another, there are numerous other such Plugins available on the WP Plugin Directory – we do not recommend any one in particular.

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  • This was very helpful. Thanks

    Thanks for the heads up. I started moving a site with several hundred articles to this plugin because it is the most robust out of all the plugins I’ve tried. It’s a shame that it’s been abandoned and I hope it gets picked up.

    I found a drop-in replacement that has the basic functionality I need, and I don’t have o rewrite links throughout my site.

    Footnotes Made Easy



    Thanks for the recommendation @spiralofhope2 . I’ve also been trying that out and it looks good. Did you have any custom CSS with footnotes?



    No, I haven’t made any CSS modifications at all; just some changes with text in the options page.

    Plugin Author Mark Cheret


    Dear all,

    please note that I haven’t been able to find people to drive the project together with me as I have only masterminded it but lack the code knowledge to provide fixes. If anyone could help with resources to push the development, the community and I would be extremely grateful.



    Just to also update, Footnotes Made Easy recommended previously by @spiralofhope2 has also been put in hibernation mode, with the author recommending this plugin instead.

    As @markcheret says, I would really love to see a footnote plugin that works well and is committed to contributing to the community.

    Plugin Contributor David Artiss


    Yeo, Footnotes Made Easy is mine. I hadn’t appreciated this was abandoned when I made the recommendation, so I’ll remove that now.

    If anybody finds a good alternative, please let me know.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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