• I’m sure the pro version of this plugin is great. I have another pro plugin from WP Desk and it works great. However this plugin is really just a demo plugin to illustrate what the backend looks like and what features you can have.
    It’s really not much use … pro version is needed.

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  • Hi!
    Thanks for your review.

    In free version of Flexible Product Fields you can add fields to all products or to specific categories, but you have to do it manually each by each.

    Also, please notice that you can add up to five types of fields to your products:

    • Single Line Text (input)
    • Paragraph Text (textarea)
    • Checkbox
    • Radio Button
    • Dropdown (select)

    I hope you see that despite the limitations, we’ve provided a functional, well working, free plugin.

    There are situations when the price addition is not important. In these cases, free version is enough 🙂 You don’t always need a field which adds the price to the order, sometimes you just need to ask customer for extra information, e.g. engraving.

    There is a lot you can achieve using a free version, here’s an example: https://www.wpdesk.net/blog/woocommerce-bookings-alternative/
    You can find a lot more use cases in our blog.

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