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  • I agree, can anyone confirm that this plugin does anything?

    This from the FAQ:
    How come that I still see visitors from countries that I blocked in Statpress or other statistics software?

    It’s true that you might see hits from countries that you have blocked in your statistics software. That is the way it works, certain plugins may be run before iQ Block Country is run so it may log visitors to pages. This however does not mean this plugin does not work, it just means somebody tried to access a certain page or pages and that that fact is logged.

    If you are worried this plugin does not work you could try to block your own country and afterwards visit your frontend website and see if it actually works. Also if you have access to the logfiles of the webserver that hosts your website you can see that these visitors are actually denied with a HTTP error 403.

    @ warnmar10.

    Are you the developer of this plugin?

    I’m experienced with how WordPress, it’s plugins, etc. work. You can view my previous posts if unsure.

    Anyways, I meant no disrespect, I was really curious as to others opinions and their results. And I also understand that the database used has an accuracy rate of 99.5%.

    I use a different approach which blocks via Class A’s using regex, which may not be as quite accurate as there are foreign Class B’s within these particular Class A’s, but it seems to work better than this plugin and it’s less than 1,000 bytes in size.

    I’m just curious to others results.

    this plug in does not work.

    I blocked the uk and looked at my site on another computer – i wasnt blocked or redirected or anything, I could see the site 100%

    I dont know why it doesnt work but i also bought a premium plug in that was supposed to do the same thing and also didnt work. It also utilised this maxmind system, so i imagine its a problem with their system.

    Plugin Author Pascal


    @fuzzypiglet: You may want to check your IP address on the website and see which country Maxmind it thinks it is.

    i did try and it has no clue where i am. The fact that I can look up my ip on any other website and it can find me is a little odd, also the fact that im with the UK’s largest ISP.

    If it cant find me than what hope is there of it finding people in “lesser connected” countries?

    Plugin Author Pascal


    Would you mind sharing your IP address?

    The ISP is responsible for the accuracy of the information MaxMind works with. But some ISPs do not care as much for accurate information.



    i have just run a test using a website called and it confirms my site is viewable in every country and does NOT return any blocked countries, it is now my opinion this plugin does NOT work



    further reading on blocking countries the only way to really do it is via htaccess, this software should in theory write to htaccess but it doesnt, so not sure how this would ever work, the other issue is large htaccess files are not a good idea anyway.

    you can if you have your own server add something in the server software which will block countries too

    in the meantime the developer for this plugin really needs to figure this out otherwise there is no point to plugin


    I just check this plugin, and it didn’t work, it’s not fair cause it was an emergency a hacker with IP was trying to hack and have admin acces and i rely on this plugin and within this time the hacker may had acces, the .org team should do some thing about this.

    is there any other solution ?
    The plugin doesn’t seems to work. I block Pakistan but the same level of traffic and PageViews coming.

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