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  • Looking for a little help 🙂 I’ve just realised that the invite anyone plugin works if you select to invite friends from the list, but if you go to invite people via email, it doesn’t send any invites to anyone.

    I saw there was an update to Invite anyone (I only installed it on a fresh buddypress install 5 weeks ago) so I installed that, still no joy.

    I then saw there the note in the installation:

    Configure the plugin at Dashboard > BuddyPress > Invite Anyone, where you can customize the default invitation message, determine which members are allowed to invite by email, and more. If you are running WordPress Multisite version 3.1 or greater, BuddyPress Dashboard panels are found in the Network Admin area.

    I can’t find the config for this plugin, it’s not in the network admin section or in the main site under buddypress, buddypress doesn’t appear in the network admin, it’s installed as multiblog and accessible on all sites.

    Not sure if the reason it’s not working for email invites is in the config panel for the plugin??

    Would appreciate some help


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  • I’m hoping this is just a problem in the admin screen, but as I cannot see the admin screens in wp-admin (I assume some issue with WPMU and Buddypress Multi Network) I think I just need to get to that, can someone tell me what the URL is for the admin section for invite anyone so I can see the settings?


    Also, worth mentioning, in the dashboard under Dashboard>Buddypress Invitations>BuddyPress Invitations – and >Invitees it shows that an invitation has been sent, but nothing turns up in anyones email account… I see from the notes you can control who can send invitations to others outside there friends, so I’m hoping it’s an admin config thing but I cannot get to that screen.


    Scrub that, I figured it out it’s /wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=invite-anyone

    Not sure why it’s not showing up as a tab in network admin, I think it’s because the define( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true ); is set and the Buddypress menu goes into the subsites…

    Anyway, issue still exists, invitations via sending to an email address in the /members/admin/invite-anyone/invite-new-members/group-invites/22 are not sending??? but invites to current members of the site work fine.



    Was looking for the settings page too. New I had seen it somewhere but it remained elusive. Thank you, Michael.

    Unfortunately Invite Anyone don’t correctly support BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG.
    When you activate it the settings menu goes into the subsites and you have to set settings for every site in the network over and over again.
    I hope the developers can handle this issue.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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