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  • Jonathan Lau


    What is the best practice to allow Plugin2 to call the functions of Plugin1?

    // PLUGIN_1.PHP ///////////////////
    function helloworld($data){
      // saves $data to DB
    // PLUGIN_2.PHP ////////////////////

    However, plugin_2.php might be called by WordPress first, and this would return an undefined function! I can’t use if(function_exists()) because I need to make sure the helloworld() function is called. Any solutions?

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  • gig


    use if function exists in plugin2

    in plugin 1 check if plugin2 was called already. if not call it manually.

    ighhhh. oh my god, i didnt write this, bit at least it should work 😉

    Jonathan Lau


    But I don’t want to have other functions redeclared twice.

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