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  • Plugin Author Simon Blackbourn


    You click on the name of your app (at the top of the Intercom screen, next to the little cog icon), then choose “Security”.

    In the code box, you will see a key that looks something like ahfikm8z, this is the key that you need to paste into the plugin settings screen.

    Just below that, you will see a checkbox labelled “Enable” – this must be ticked.

    Now save your plugin settings and you’ll be in secure mode.


    Thanks for the quick reply, Simon.

    So … From “Security”, I’ll need:

    app_id: ‘THIS APP ID‘,
    email: ‘’, // TODO: User’s e-mail address
    created_at: 315532800, // TODO: User’s sign-up date, Unix timestamp
    user_hash: ‘ (…)= Digest::SHA1.hexdigest(‘AND THIS SECRET KEY‘ +

    Correct? I still can’t get it to work.

    BTW: I’ve opened a similar/related ticket inside So now I’m posting here as much for the benefit of others who run into the same thing, as for myself.


    Plugin Author Simon Blackbourn


    You don’t need all that code, all you need is the short string of letters/numbers that you have replaced with “AND THIS SECRET KEY”.

    It will look like this: ahfikm8z

    Make sure also to tick the “Enable” box which will turn on security at the Intercom end of things.

    Plugin Author Simon Blackbourn


    I’ve just uploaded a screenshot which should make it clearer:

    Thank you. I realize that I don’t need all that code. I just wanted to show where I found the key, so as not to have anyone confuse it with the App id or something else.

    Trouble is, I have filled it out like shown above – enable is checked – but without luck. I have tried it on two different blogs, one in a network w/ twentyeleven theme, one an ordinary install w/ custom theme, but nothing happens.

    There’s no sign of the script in the source code, and no data is being collected. Don’t worry about it though. I’ll figure out how to add the script manually.

    Plugin Author Simon Blackbourn


    Are you logged in as the admin user?

    If so, then the code isn’t added (there would be no reason to track your own visits or open a support ticket to yourself).

    Please try logging in as a lower level user (the User Switching plugin is good for this), e.g. subscriber, then you should see the code.

    Aha. That explains it.

    I should have thought of that, of course. 🙂

    However, since Intercom tells you to activate the script by visiting your own site, and won’t let you log in without doing that (or rather – only with dummy data), and since people may want to log in/confirm that it’s working before opening the site up for registration – I’d say there’s a reason to track at least one of your own visits.

    Also, I’m not sure I would automatically assume that nobody wants to track administrators. Who knows how people use membership sites? (Especially when you add networks to the mix.) Maybe you could make it an option (preselected?), rather than a hidden feature.

    But I totally get why you would do it like that. Thank you for helping me figure it out. 🙂

    Plugin Author Simon Blackbourn


    for this first release (version 0.1) i wanted to keep it simple and see what feedback i got from users.

    for the next version, i am considering that you can choose which user levels to track/ignore.

    (you can actually do this manually with the current version if you install justin tadlock’s members plugin and add/remove the hide_from_intercom capability.)

    Yep. I see where you’re coming from. Nice. Thank you for the plugin tips, too. 🙂

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