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  • I’m happily using IntenseDebate now – kudos to an effective and powerful WP integration.


    When I activate the WP admin over SSL option in wp-config.php (you know, by adding the define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true); line) the IntenseDebate moderation page loses its CSS, and the JS / AJAX driven functionality is “less than reliable”. (Yes, I have a private CSS cert, and static IP)

    Now, WP as a whole isn’t terribly reliable with admin access over SSL but so far I’ve been able to wing it – until I installed IntenseDebate and just couldn’t moderate anymore (i.e. had to go to the ID site and do it there). So I deactivated admin over SSL… I’d rather not.

    Fix on the horizon for that? Thanks in advance!

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  • Beau Lebens



    Hi nv1962,

    You’re actually the first person to report a problem with using SSL mode, so we haven’t looked at a fix for that problem. We’re actually looking at possibly deprecating (removing) our WordPress comment moderation panel in favor of just having you use the powerful built-in moderation in WordPress, since it all syncs back to IntenseDebate anyway.

    Perhaps you could try that for a little while (switch back using your settings in Settings > IntenseDebate) and see how that works out for you?


    Sound very good to me, that idea of using the WP built-in moderation method, as I found it a bit counter-intuitive to have two moderation places (one within WP, the other on the ID site). All the more when in the end it ends up synced anyway.

    Back to that issue: I assumed you referred to the “Comment Moderation Page” option; I have selected the “WordPress Standard Moderation” option now.

    Thanks for getting back on this! Setting the topic to “resolved” now.

    Just FYI: when the “force SSL admin” option is switched on, WP doesn’t do much of a sanity check on delivering content only through SSL; arguably that goes beyond the scope of the core code, and certainly beyond IntenseDebate itself, but in light of the security driven focus of those who do use a private SSL cert, it probably isn’t a bad idea to nudge plugin developers in the right direction, by either forcing content through the SSL pipe or just dieing out with an error (“contact your plugin developer” yada yada) as that’ll likely purge out the issue quicker, certainly with the more “popular” plugins.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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