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  • Plugin Author Jürgen Liechtenecker



    thanks for you feed back. Seems as if Instagram’s API is limited to 20 images. Although the dropdown in the widget settings seems to allow more there’ll also be only 20 images. I’ll fixed that with our next release.

    Hi tkrammer,
    I can see that the piccount is an issue. Is there a way to only show a limited number then have that number refresh to a different set. So, I start out with 8 images. Then the user clicks a refresh link and has a different set of 8? Also on my blog they show up as a single line of images–vertically. Can this be set into a grid: two-up, three-up ?

    Plugin Author Jürgen Liechtenecker


    A styling option for the shortcode version will be provided within our next release.
    So you would like a paging function?

    Yeah I was just looking into the API, does seem to be a limit. Kind of a bummer.

    Paging option would be pretty sweet and get my vote. The question I have is, will the paging function actually go further back in my photo history?

    Also looking at the media endpoints, would it be possible to get the text that was posted with the image?

    I dunno if you’d want that in the gallery mode or not. Something to think about.

    I’m still looking for a solid method to embed one instagram image on my blog using the instagram short url.

    Anyways, great work with this plugin!

    Kind of funny, I seen some of your comments on the same stuff I’m reading, although I’m a lot further behind in learning.

    Yes, please, paging.

    Plugin Author Jürgen Liechtenecker


    Hi Mike,

    I’m afraid there’s no Way to integrere paging. Couldn’t find an enpoint to get not just recent pics… Anyway, if you’ ve got a Solution please Let me know.

    However, there’ll Be a possibility to embed an Instagram image using shorturl, Even via WordPress’ rich editor, in our Next release!

    Stay tuned and have a nice Weekend 🙂

    I’ll let ya know, I’m looking into it.

    Right now I’ve been using Tumblr sending all my Instagram pictures to it when I take them as a photoroll. I’d much rather just have this “photoroll” on my WordPress blog. Which is what I’m experimenting with.

    The widget for this plugin for the side bar is perfect though. Especially since I’m thinking of ditching flickr all together.

    I’m excited about the embed via the rich editor. I hate having to remember shortcodes.

    If I can donate to your plugin via paypal, post it up.

    I’ll support this development!

    Plugin Author Jürgen Liechtenecker


    Hi Mike,

    I finally Found a solution to increase the Limit of piccount. I’ll include that in our Next release. I am also planning to integrate a paging function…

    Stay tuned 😉

    PS: Instapress got an update Today!

    Is there a way I can add the image titles to the images displayed on a page in gallery format?

    I noticed on line 161` // Currently, no support for the Image-Title in the Short Code
    $title = “”; `

    Yet I see we’re adding titles for fancy box in the widget.

    Here’s my setup so far.


    Plugin Author Jürgen Liechtenecker


    Hi mike,

    thanks for that feedback, check out our latest release (version 1.0.1) to include titles 🙂

    Hi TK,

    Thank you for the update. Works nice.

    I am looking forward to the styling options.

    In the title, a lot/most of times, I use #tags in my first post so that I don’t have to go back and leave myself a comment. Can you add a toggle or something that will look for the first # and dismiss everything after that? Do you think this would be a big enough request—meaning that others might want as well—that you would consider adding it?

    I’m liking it, one more thing I’m trying to do, I’ll email you about it, because it might be something you don’t want to add to the official app, I dunno. But if you could point me I can handle the rest, because I’m already changing the styles for it.

    Plugin Author Jürgen Liechtenecker


    Hi randomly,

    so your titles look like that “My title #dismiss #everything #after #that”?
    I’ll probably realize that by a wp_hook in one ot the next releases.
    Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook

    Yes. Thank you! I am facebookless. But, I will see via your blog.

    Plugin Author Jürgen Liechtenecker


    @mike did you already email me? 🙂

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