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  • karmadghost



    I have tried the shortcodes provide but it seems I cant accomplish this things..

    1. How can it be possible to show the photos on my stream that are having a certain tag .
    I mean only show my photos on my account with a specific tag .

    2. The photos appear in order of most recent first. Is there a way to order them by oldest first ?

    thanks and more power..

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  • Plugin Author liechtenecker


    Hey karmadghost!

    This shortcode sould work:
    [instapress userid="USERID" tag="TAG"]



    Hi karamdghost,
    This works to pull by tag (not username). Am using it on my site:

    [instapress piccount=”24″ size=”75″ tag=”TAGYOUWANTTOFOLLOW” title=”1″ effect=”fancybox”]



    Hi @liechtenecker,
    I already tried you have suggested and it seems it still shows a photo(s) that are not mine. According to the description usage of the plugin . It ignore the userid when we use the tag so theres no point on adding the userid shortcode.
    “tag: Use this option to filter Instagrams by tag. Note: At the moment you can only use a single tag. The userid option is ignored if you set this option. ”

    Hi @aly22

    Thanks for the suggestion , It would pull by tag but we want to be specifically our own photos something like PULL ALL userid PHOTOS THAT ARE ONLY TAG WITH #tag. So it would be specifically to a certain id/username with a certain tag


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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