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  • Hi, I’m testing trunk builds of WordPress 2.7. I want to prepare a set of customizations for WordPress (like, theme and two plugins) so that my users can deploy WordPress 2.7 with those customizations.

    I especially care about their ability to easily keep website secure since they are not advanced web admins and my goal is to reduce to minimum time they have to spent on maintaining their website.

    So far I can hope for automatic plugin updates, and, as far as I heard wordpress core updates. (can I test it anyhow?).
    From what I know I cannot give them ability to automatically update themes. Is that right?

    My question is about updates of plugins.
    I’m trying to test it and it doesn’t seem to work. I set up wordpress on a local machine and tried to install a plugin. In result WordPress displayed a page “Connection Information” asking for my sftp login/pass/host. I’m not sure how is it supposed to work, but I know it’s very counter-intuitive and I have no idea how to use it to install a plugin. Any help?

    Second question. Will there be ability to offer alternative sources of plugins. If I want to host my plugins/themes on my project website will I be able to offer my users to see them (much like ubuntu ppa apt-get paths?)

    And third, a bit unrelated. When I’m posting a new blog post there’s an option for “pending review”. It sounds like a great option to write a post and give someone ability to review my post before posting it, but currently it seems that in this state the post is not visible to anyone but logged in people. Is there a way to make pending-review posts available (using direct post url) to anonymous readers?

    Thanks for help

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