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    Hi everyone,

    i’m a beginner and having a problem installing plugins.

    Non worked so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.
    It starts already that with installing the plugins ( im having it all on my own server). it sayes you should install it on:

    But qhwn I go to wp_content and click on it I get this directory:

    After I installed a plugin, it’s not recognized or found by wordpress.
    Please can anybody tell me what I’m doing wrong?
    I have wasted a whole now already, and I have no blogs placed yet, just some test nonsens. because I want to get some plugins installed first.
    Hope this all make sense and that somebody can tell me what I’m doing wrong, and also step by step can say what and how I sould do it.


    PS: My blog address is


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  • Hi Theo, I can see you are using 2.6
    There is an excellent tutorial here about installing plugins.
    Its important to remember to upload the complete folder of the plugin, and not to break it to your wp-content/plugins folder.
    I’M sure the tutorial will be a great help, I always recommend it.
    Good luck.

    Thanx! I will check it out.

    It’s no good, that only explains it for a PC.

    I’m getting soooooooooooooooooooo fustrated!
    I wasted a whole day!

    The problem is not to get to the plugin and unzip it before I upload it.
    the problem is that you have to click on the folder to upload it. but if I do that, if I click on the unzipped folder, I can’t upload it, only when I click on one of the files from the unzipped files I can upload that one. But I need to upload the whole unzipped file, how do I do that? HELP!!!

    Hi again, I don’t know which ftp program you are using. Normally when connecting with ftp, you’ll have two panes open, one, the directory you’re uploading to, and then second, the directory you are loading from, when you have opened the plugins directory you then click on the directory of the plugin on your computer and upload, it has to be the complete dirctory, if you break that structure, the plugin will not work.
    Some ftp programs will allow you to drag the directory or file from pane to pane, you will need to check your ftp program.
    I hope you manage it, I know its frustrating, but part of learning to work with this system.
    good luck.

    Ps. I’m puzzled.

    It’s no good, that only explains it for a PC

    what are you using?.

    I’m using a Mac.

    But the problem is that I also have a problem with my FTP account.
    My wife who is a designer and uses FTP on a regular base, looked at it also. But she also didn’t understand what the problem is. So I asked my webhotel, but they still didn’t answer.

    That’s why I have been trying to directly upload it, but that doesn’t work for the reason written above. Terrible!

    So anybody who has another solution besides FTP is welcome to respond!

    Hi again, hope you get the problem with the ftp account resolved.
    there is a free version of filezilla for mac here.
    It seems to be a popular ftp program at the moment,
    best of luck.

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks man, your a great help!
    And fast with responding!

    I fixed the problem with my ftp program.
    And now I could install the plugin in no time!

    Yippee, my weekend ends good after all! 🙂

    Its great to hear that.
    good luck.

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