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  • Hello,

    First of all – thanks for the plugin! It works really well and does exactly what I need.

    I have a small problem – the explanatory dictionary plugin seems to be inserting an extra textbox on my registration page.

    The textbox appears underneath the Mailchimp Lite signup checkbox. The specific code is:

    <textarea <span="" class="explanatory-dictionary-highlight" data-definition="explanatory-dictionary-definition-32">type</span>="text" name="_mc4wp_required_but_not_really" style="display: none !important;"><div id="explanatory-dictionary-tooltip" style="">
    					<span class="explanatory-dictionary-tooltip-top"></span>
    					<span class="explanatory-dictionary-tooltip-content"><dt class="explanatory-dictionary-definition-32">type</dt><dd class="explanatory-dictionary-definition-32">To write using a computer keyboard</dd></span>
    					<span class="explanatory-dictionary-tooltip-bottom-safe-zone">
    						<span class="explanatory-dictionary-tooltip-bottom"></span>
    						<span class="explanatory-dictionary-tooltip-bottom-border"></span>

    You can see the problem here:

    (If it does not appear, check the source code, because I’ve hidden the box using CSS).

    I’ve also added the registration page to the exclude list, but this does not seem to have worked.

    The fact that the textbox includes the text ‘mc4wp’ shows that the Mailchimp plugin is involved, but it also seems to be generated by the explanatory dictionary plugin. I’ve set the CSS class to ‘display:none;’ but would appreciate a more permanent/stable solution, if that were possible.

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  • Plugin Author EXED internet


    Hello Oliredman,

    Thank you for your feedback, I will have a look at it and if it is possibly already solved with the updates I’ve made so far.

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