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  • I really like this uploader, because it works under html5 and has a progress bar, missing from other plugins. I have uploaded a few smaller files, jpg, gif and a pdf of 15mb. But when i try to upload a 50mb zip file then the uploader will never display the succes message.

    The progress bar will go till the end (maybe a percentage display is handy?) and then nothing happens. The file does not get uploaded.

    My php upload limit is set at 250mb so this should be a problem.

    Any ideas?

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  • I tried some things out. I cannot upload files that are bigger then 17-18mb.

    Bummer. Why is it so hard to find a FTP (or dropbox) uploader with a progress bar and captcha?

    There’s hundreds of thousands of people asking for it. Someone please!!!

    I tried uploading a file of 36mb. Now it works finally.

    Here is my shortcode setting :

    [inline_upload uploadrole="all" uploadpath="/uploads/visitors/" createpath="false" uploadpatterns="\*.mp3,\*.mp4,\*.wav,\*.ogg,\*.flac,\*.m4a,\*.mkv,\*.avi,\*.mov,\*.pdf,\*.doc,\*.docx,\*.txt,\*.zip,\*.gz,\*.rar,\*.7z,\*.jpg,\*.jpeg,\*.gif,\*.png,\*.svg,\*.psd" maxsize="250" notify="true" notifyrecipients="" notifysubject="KKSBlog upload - A new file has been uploaded!" filebaselink="true" uploadbutton="Upload!" widths="filename:250px, selectbutton:80px, uploadbutton:100px, progressbar:230px, message:450px, subfolders_label:100px, subfolders_select:125px" placements="message/filename+selectbutton+subfolders/uploadbutton+progressbar"]

    Otherwise i can always try out the FTP option.

    Hi Uddhava, thanks for sharing this code. I just tried it in my pages too and just got blank page showing Upload button and part of a field. Any clues why it’s doing this? I might have to try messing with the CSS but not a programmer so it may take a while.

    You mentioned http://FTP... how would that code look? I think that would be better..

    uddhava….did you find the solution…?
    your code is working perfectly but for smaller size files like 7 mb..
    but wat about bigger files…
    is there any other way….

    I did find the “solution”. But it was not mine to fix.
    My hoster (westhost) has some strict security filtering (ModSecurity). The have added a lot of exceptions to certain wp pages.


    And also the page where you offer the upload by this plugin

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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