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    Hey there,

    I started working with this plugin yesterday and I am encountering several problems:

    1. It does not enable multiple instances of [pagelist] although I am using the correct ID’s. In my case I need the following structure:

    TITLE 1 {not a permalink}
    [pagelist TITLE 1 ID]

    TITLE 2 {not a permalink}
    [pagelist TITLE 2 ID]
    Only the first instance that I added is working while all the rest don’t.

    2. The instance that is working is not updated dynamically, meaning when I add another sub-page to that page it is not shown in the list, only the dub-pages that where there before.

    BTW I erased the content of the CSS since I want this in plain text.

    Any ideas?? Thanks a lot! 🙂

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  • By the way I am not using (yet) any cache plugins.
    You can check my under construction site at: under the section “Articles”


    I didn’t noticed the multiple instances issue until now. You’re right, multiple instances should work and they don’t. I will check the code to see where is the problem and will try to find a quick solution to it.

    The list updates automatically, as it does not caches anything and it reloads the list with the function wp_list_pages() everytime it’s called. Perhaps you have a plugin that changes the behavior or caches the results of this functions? Can be any plugin related with page listing?


    thank you for the quick response – I appreciate it 🙂
    concerning the list, i can tell you the plugins that i have that might be related and perhaps maybe one of them does this:
    1. exclude pages from navigation list plugin
    2. my page order plugin
    no other caching plugins – i have several more plugins but nothing special that might interfere with pagelist.

    and what about when the site goes up – i surely will want to use some caching plugin to speed things up – what do you recommend i do then?

    thanks!!! 🙂

    Hey Txanny,

    I figured out the issue with dynamic updating: the plugin “exclude pages” has a checkbox to include (show in menues) sub-pages which are ancestored by pages that are hidden. Meaning that a page which is hidden from the top navigation menu (to my request of course) can have children pages that will be visible.
    I was unaware of this and all sub pages that were not shown/updated were not checked to be shown.

    that also fixed the “problem” of not performing with multiple instances if pagelist because all subpages are showing now, as you can see:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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