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  • @amydayton, could you figure out how to change height or width?

    No, I’m still waiting for a reply to my question.

    Plugin Author joshkeen


    Thank you for your kind words, and I’m so sorry for the delayed response! This is my first plug-in; I’m new at this.

    The boxes resize themselves dynamically based on how much text you pass in and the size of your images. If you tell me what you want to do, I might be able to send you a hack.

    Hi Joshkeen,

    I’m not happy w/ the settings of the box. “Close” is to low for my feeling and I would like to be able to resize the container in generell.
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Josh – I can see that the box changes size dynamically based on what you put in, but there is still too much blank space between the title and the text and between the close and the bottom of the box (see and scroll down about 1/2 way and click on any of the “details of these costs” links). I’m not using pictures, so maybe that’s the problem? Would love it if the I only had 1-2 blank lines between the title and the text and 1-2 blank lines after the close. Is that possible?

    This is a great plug-in…definitely fills a void in the market! Thanks for what you’re doing!


    Plugin Author joshkeen


    Hi Amy. So I have some hacks for you.

    I took a look at your site and what’s happening is that the pop-up box is using css (style rules) for your theme. This is supposed to happen—I figured the style for the box should default to the styles for the rest of your site. The extra space isn’t as great in other themes.

    Here’s what you can do:

    In your WordPress directory go to WordPress (or whatever the top level directory is for your site) then wp-content->plugins->informational-popup. Then open info_popup_main.php in a text editor.

    To reduce the space between the title and text, look for the following section in the info_popup_main.php file:

    //return the script, css and html that creates the poup box

    now scroll down a few lines to:
    <span class=”clicked_text_’.$pop_id_num.'”>’.$content.'</span>

    Try commenting out any/all break tags between

    <h2 id=”h2_’.$pop_id_num.'”>’.$pop_title_text.'</h2>


    <div style=”font-size:15px” id=”h4_’.$pop_id_num.'”>’.$message.'</div>

    break tags are (br /) except you replace the () with <>. Every time I try to write a break tag here it gets interpreted–it creates a break instead of showing the tag. Just wrap the tag in this <!– –>. For example <!–(br /)–> imagine the () are <>

    This is a way of safely removing something. If you change your mind, you can just remove the <!– –>.

    Also, you can definitely comment out the video tag:

    <div id=”video_div_’.$pop_id_num.'”>’.$pop_video.'</div>


    <!–<div id=”video_div_’.$pop_id_num.'”>’.$pop_video.'</div>–>,

    Video support will be added in the next release. Actually, the whole thing is going to change, so I’m open to suggestions.

    To change the amount of space between “close” and the bottom of the box:

    Again, in the info_popup_main.php file, find:

    //get the size of the message to help size the box

    now scroll down to the following line:
    $message_height = (($message_char_count/40) * 24);

    try changing the 24 to a lower number

    I recommend you do it like this:

    $message_height = (($message_char_count/40) * 10); /*the 10 was changed from 24*/

    Everything between the /* */ is just a comment.

    It looks like you’re doing some great and important work, Amy. It really makes all those hours laboring in obscurity worth while when I see someone using my code to do something cool. Thanks!

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