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  • I believe there is room for all (there are about 20 different services/products in this space, not just two).

    ManageWP offers a premium service, similar to premium and free WordPress themes.

    Maybe you didn’t notice, but InfiniteWP is using ManageWP technology and code for their client plugin.

    Thanks for updating me with the complete panorama, Vladimir.

    And no, I didn’t notice that, another thanks for the correction.

    I’ve already applied 60+ WordPress websites to the InfiniteWP platform, across multiple servers, without incident and there’s plenty more to add. The interface is very versatile and adds several improvements. InfiniteWP’s premium plugins will offer even more value.

    The application of GNU General Public Licensing is one of WordPress’ success cornerstones. Resources like plugins that are submitted under GNU benefit the WP Community at large.



    Yes, they benefit the community at large, but is this an example that is in spirit of GPL?

    I personally feel not. ManageWP was in beta a year and that’s a lot of work – simply lifting someone eles’s work and not being very open/clear about that isn’t… cool.

    To each their own though.

    Paul, very nice input.

    My post reflects my awe but I didn’t go through the history or code of each.

    Do you have links to share that evaluate/analyze that?

    Gentlemen – I personally checked the source code and they’ve clearly credited the sources of their code… just as anyone might use jQuery or any other posted open source code applications. Developers have used existing plugins within WordPress and have improved them before… this is no different.

    I’m still confused as to what infinitewp actually does. Do all of your sites have to have the same content? Can someone point me to two examples of sites that are running on the same infinitewp plugin? I need to create about a dozen or so sites that are all similar but not exactly the same. Would I use InfiniteWP for this?

    Dax no, it lets you manage all your sites, plugins, themes and backups. This is not what your looking for Dax

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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