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    I have no Mac I’m afraid 🙁 I’ve tested it in Safari for PC and it works (it uses the same engine as Chrome so is expected).
    Does Safari for Mac have a developer tools bit? I’d be really interested in the “Network” tab to see what page infinite-scroll tries to load (and the response it gets).

    Let me know if you fancy digging into the dev tools, if not I’ll try and ask around for someone with a shiny Mac!

    It does have a dev tool list, and I found the problem. I had created a duplicate class and caused all kinds of wonkey that wasn’t apparent until I dug in. So the moral of the story, is PEBCAK I guess 😉

    That said, I do have something odd happening with my theme. When Infinascroll is on, in Chrome only, many of the other java elements of the site break, include the scroll to next post up/down arrows on the top left, and the horizontal gallery slideshow.

    I doubt the problem is with the plugin, but sloppy theme code. I’m using the unreleased version of your plugin (with the twitter style load more button). Any thoughts?

    Dr. Peril.

    Plugin Contributor beaver6813


    Have you fixed this already? I looked in Chrome my end and it worked :S I’d check the chrome -> developer tools -> console to see if anything is breaking when infinite-scroll loads the next page.

    The plugin should be good, the actual javascript for the plugin has been the same for the past couple of versions (including RC1) its just the WordPress code that’s been changing.
    Edit: And obviously the Twitter behavior was added in RC1 (small javascript addition) but it does nothing crazy!
    Edit 2: Also, is the RC1 version stable for you? I’m trying to get confidence levels before I release it (its a major change in WP code from previous versions).

    Thanks for the fast reply!

    It’s still wonked up for me (Max OS X 10.7.2 Chrome 16.0.912.41 beta) – I’ll run a few screen shot tools to make sure it’s just me.

    As for confidence I’m all behind it. It went together much more smoothly than the first version, the lazy tool worked, and with the exception of my two bugs, but of which are to do with my theme it seems, it’s worked 100%

    I’m feeling pretty good about it.
    ~ Aaron

    So, I hate to bump and old topic (especially one that was more or less resolved) but the carousel script the error has returned. It only happens on primary posts page, and disabling Infinite Scroll fixes the problem (but sadly leaves me with page buttons 🙁

    I’m rebuilding the site into a blogging network, so it won’t really be a problem for me (and next time, I’ll use a different jQuery different script) but I thought I’d say, for future reference, that there’s an incompatibility with Infinite Scroll and jCarousel – Riding carousels with jQuery ( ).

    Anyway, it doesn’t bother me, I’ve set up alternate displays for the galleriers (Infinite Scroll is more important to me than this gallery thing I set up way back), but it seems worth mentioning as jCarousel is used in Thickbox etc.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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