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  1. Uchan Utchanovsky
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Can I get different comment form for each index post using this plugin?

    Previously I'm using IntenseDebate and add javascript shortcode before next chapter and the result looks great, but recently it has a bug with comment using twitter account.


  2. sebaxtian
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi utchanovsky

    Could you give me a URL to see the problem?

  3. Uchan Utchanovsky
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Sebaxtian, I really like your plugin and thx for your response.

    I'm creating an elearning website using WordPress and Indizar to create segmentation (chapter) learning. The implementation is, student learn chapter by chapter using Indizar in a single post.

    I want some feature that add comment form in each chapter. So, there's a discussion in each chapter. The problem is, the default WordPress comment form is available to all chapter.

    This is the url

    This one is indizar in action

    (and sorry the server location is in my country -Indonesia, maybe it's kinda slower for you to access it)

    Previously I'm using IntenseDebate as 3rd party comment system. I put the javascript code before next chapter as method and it's works fine. The other comment system doesn't work for me (Disqus and Livefyre).

    [chapter:CHAPTER TITLE]
  4. sebaxtian
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi utchanovsky.

    Sorry if I'm late.

    Unfortunately there isn't anything I can do to help you with this requirement, but there are something you can do to add the feature you need.

    Any 3rd party comment system requires a unique ID to know which comments group to show. Probably IntenseDebate uses the URL, so it generates different comment groups for each chapter because each one has his own URL. But WP's default comment system and Disqus use the post ID, not the URL, and that's why different chapters in the same post use the same ID, therefor has the same comment group.

    There is nothing you can do to have separated comments for each chapter if you use WP default comment system, but if you have some programming skills, I suggest you to find the script (Disqus or Livefyre) that declares the ID and modify it concatenating the chapter number.

    Tell me if you need some help with this coding.

    Kind regards from Colombia.

  5. Uchan Utchanovsky
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Sebaxtian

    It's OK, and thx again for your responses. Sorry if I seem to ask a lot of things about your plugin :D

    I'm not a programmer but I've try looking for another 3rd party comment system. So far I've got three solution for this.

    WordPress plugin iscribble: It's able to add micro comment inside WordPress post and work flawlessly with Indizar.
    + Support login with many social network account such Twitter, Google, and Facebook
    + Can be put anywhere after paragraph and image
    + Unlimited comment form inside chapter
    - The comment area it's to small and isn't fit to my need as discussion tools.

    There's a Facebook comment service which also works flawlessly with your plugin. The placement is using url method.

    + The comment area are big and clear, so it's great for discussion stuff
    - Facebook comment doesn't support major social network (currently Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail)

    IntenseDebate comment form.
    + Support comment rating (like and dislike)
    + Spam protection with akismet.
    + Large comment area, suit for discussion stuff
    - Support major social network, but it has a bug with Twitter account.

    Few days ago I've contacting the Livefyre teams, and they said they will discuss it with their dev team about this issues. I will add some feedback here if they give some good news to me.

    I hope this info is useful for people who experience similar things with me. Once again, thx a lot for your work on Indizar.

    regards from Indonesia

  6. Uchan Utchanovsky
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Finally got update from Livefyre on 25 Oct :D

    So, i did some investigation on my end in to your issue and found that the Javascript you're embedding in your pages is missing a unique article ID. If you see in the screenshot here http://d.pr/i/BOyo the "articleId" points to "articleId" and not to the URL of your article. This field has to point to a unique value which represents the ID of your page. This is usually the canonical URL, the URL of the article or a number depending on how you've it set on your end. Once you add a unique article ID, a unique conversation will be created on our end and the issue will be resolved.

    For now, I'm using Facebook comment system.

  7. Blushark
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hola Sebastian,
    soy Italiano y me gusto' mucho tu plugin.
    Tengo los files para la traduccion en Italiano de tu plugin y pues si quieres los puedes agregar a Indizar. Lo he traducidos yo. Solo dime como hago para enviartelos, no encuentro email.


  8. sebaxtian
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hola Blushark.

    Gracias por la traducción. Envíalos a baxtian.echeverry@gmail.com

    Envía también una URL a tu página personal o de tu empresa para ponerlo en la lista de agradecimientos.

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