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  • File: iinclude-page.php
    Version: 0.4.7

    Line: 132
    if ($page = IIP::get_page($post_id, $type, $status)) {
    if ($post = IIP::get_page($post_id, $type, $status)) {

    Line: 136
    $title = $page->post_title;
    $title = $post->post_title;

    Line: 145
    $content = $page->post_content;
    //$content = $post->post_content; //this is redundant

    Line: 146
    $content = IIP::get_the_content($page,__($more),0,'',$displayStyle);
    $content = IIP::get_the_content($post,__($more),0,'',$displayStyle);

    lancemonotone, thank you. I made all of these changes but it still won’t display a page in a post using this code: [include-page id=”562″]

    I am having the same problem, I really liked this plugin and I hope they upgrade it to work with WordPress 3.0 soon!

    I found out that the shortcode does work in WP 3.0 if you use the path instead of the page ID:

    [include-page id=”/about/resume”]

    At least it is working now for me and it didn’t before, and the only difference was that I had [include-page id=”12″].

    I have a lot of plug ins so something may be conflicting with it, but at least I was able to get it to work with the path. Yay.

    Thanks bdollproject! That fix worked for me, too. If I use the full path minus the domain, it works fine.

    File: iinclude-page.php
    Version: 0.4.7

    Line: 189
    Change from:
    if( is_string($post_id) && function_exists(‘get_page_by_path’)) {

    else if( is_string($post_id) && function_exists(‘get_page_by_path’)) {

    When $post_id is numeric, variable $_page has been assigned page object at line 186.
    But original code had overwritten $_page as invalid object at line 190.

    ‘1st If block’ at line 185-187 and ‘2nd If block’ at line 189-191 must be exclusive.
    But ‘2nd If block’ lost ‘else’, those ‘If Block’s dose not become exclusive.

    It looks like there is a bug in the latest version with some typecasting in the short-code handler. You should be able to fix it by replacing what is there in the plug-in (towards the end of the file) with this:

    // Call IIP only with a valid ID
    if (!empty($atts[‘id’]) && $post->ID != $atts[‘id’]) {
    $page_id = $atts[‘id’];
    if ( is_numeric( $atts[‘id’] ) )
    $page_id = (int) $atts[‘id’];
    $out = iinclude_page($page_id, implode(‘&’, $params), true);
    } else {$out = ”;} // end if

    If that doesn’t work, consider downgrading or contacting the plug-in developer. I will send this code to the developer for testing.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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