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    I’m trying out the Import Users from CSV plugin. I made a test file using the downloaded example file. Basically I kept the header fields the same and simply overrode the info with my own. I also eliminated the last two columns (meta). I chose the file, imported it and received a message saying the import was successful. However the users do not show up under Users.

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  • Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    Do you get the same error when you use the example file without modification?

    Hi Ulrich, the example file does work. For my test I had eliminated the last 2 columns – custom_usermeta 1 & 2. Here is what I’ve tried so far.
    1. I opened your example file and simply overrode Column A, B with the names of two people. In Column C I put a password. First Name and Last Name I overrode with the people’s names and I left the last two columns Custom user name as test just like you have it. I saved the file as import test and then imported it. What got imported was your example file with John and Jane Doe instead of the names of the 2 people I had.

    I don’t use spreadsheets so I had hoped to simply use your example file and copy my columns over. However is there something in the example file that would keep your original data even though I put in different data in the first 5 columns? I didn’t touch the last 2, just left them alone.

    I’m not sure I had actually confirmed the deletion of the John and Jane Doe import from your example, so I tried again. The example file worked fine, I deleted John and Jane Doe and confirmed. Then I tried to import my “import test” file. Message said import was successful however no users are listed.

    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    Please can you show me your test file?

    You didn’t remove the first row (where the fields labels are defined), right?

    I don’t know how to upload a file or take a screenshot. Give me instructions and I’ll do it. No, I didn’t delete the first row all the field labels were exactly as you had them. I entered my data in the John and Jane Doe rows.

    I’m away for 4-5 hours, but will check the posting when I get back. I think you’re in Cotonu, so we have a time difference! Thank you for your very quick support.

    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    You can copy the content to or upload the file to your server and post the link here, or reply to the email I just sent you.

    You are welcome.

    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou


    I sent you an update via email. It fixes the issue with importing from the CSV file you sent me. I also released a new version which fixes that bug.



    I too have imported the users and they don’t show up in the user table.
    I have used user role editor, to add extra roles but I won’t think that would affect whether the users showed up or or would it?

    I used the Export to CSV plugin to create the user csv in the frist place.

    any help would be much appreciated.



    Plugin Author Ulrich Sossou



    Please create a new thread and post a sample of the CSV file.

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