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    I am trying to import a series of static html pages based on the contents of the <div id=”content”> tag. The plugin does not import a single actual page, but instead proceeds to create endless blank sub-pages until the plugin is manually deactivated.

    Is this still being developed? There really isn’t another plugin which does the same thing, unfortunately. Author: if you’re reading this, the problem ought to be reasonably simple. Any advice?

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  • Plugin Author Stephanie Leary


    Hi there! I just got back from vacation. Sorry for the delay.

    Most often, this happens when you remove ‘.,..’ from the list of skipped directories. If you’re on a UNIX-based server, the plugin will see those as real directories and will try to import them endlessly.

    I am indeed working on a new version, which will have those directories hard-coded into the skip option, so this particular accident won’t happen.



    i’ve got the same problem…tons of blank pages. and i’ve not removed anything from the list of skipped directories.

    also i have a huge chunk of pages that it says it could not import, and “You should copy its contents manually.” but checking the list of those that it supposedly did import, these files that it said it “could not import” actually were imported.

    what do i do to get the actual content? and how do i go backwards and delete all these blank files now without having to do them all manually?


    I am not the author, but I found as a user that when I had an improperly formatted page (the div tag id was not defined) that the program acted as you’ve stated.




    this site i’m wanting to convert is frontpage generated…i see that there is the option to specify dreamweaver template region…why not frontpage template region?

    i’m not a coder, and know nothing about this sort of thing, so forgive me if i’m totally off…but is there a way for me to have this plugin only convert the things between the tags:
    <!– #BeginEditable “content” –> and <!– #EndEditable –>
    since this is where the content that i want converted is?

    i have hundreds of chat transcripts that i want moved to wordpress…i would really prefer to not have to do all this manually…it seems like this plugin SHOULD work for what i want to do…but i still keep getting just blank pages when i try.

    i get that frontpage is screwy and that’s partly why i want to move to wordpress. its my last site to convert to WP. i’ve already manually done a lot of work on the other sites…but i sure would love an easier way with this one.

    how can i contact the developer? i hope she will respond to this post but if not…i can’t figure out how to contact her via her profile.

    Plugin Author Stephanie Leary


    Sunflowermom, there is a contact form on my website, which is linked from the plugin info (I’ve added it to my profile here, but it doesn’t appear, and there’s nothing I can do about that). Please write me so I have your address, and when I reply, if you could attach an example of one of your pages, that would be great. The reason the plugin handles Dreamweaver templates rather than Frontpage ones is that no one asked for Frontpage templates. 🙂 If they’re that similar, though, I can probably help you out.

    As the tip on the import page says, the easiest way to remove all the blank pages is to use the Mass Page Remover plugin.

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