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  • Looks like it’s not nearly as simple as I had hoped. Can anyone help on this or suggest a gallery widget that works the same as this one?

    I need all the functionality that this one has (taking images from media folder, linking out to an external URL, etc) I just need more images side by side or in a grid format.


    I need the same thing!! If anyone knows how I need to know asap.



    Did anyone find a plugin/widget that does this ?

    Total Slider can do it – it has a great admin panel and smooth transitions, but unfortunately it clashed with my main homepage image slider – give it a try here –

    Anyone know of any others ?


    I don’t think you are talking about the same thing. I was talking about an actual grid setup not a slider. If you are looking for a slider that will do that the original Slidedeck is what I use on my home page and you can link out to whatever you want quite easily.



    whoops – sorry, dani – crossed wires !

    Hi Guys,
    Can anyone help me please.I basically want to upload multiple images on my blog but I don’t like the slide version(gallery) as it doesn’t work for me being a photographer.

    Can anyone help me please I’m pulling hair out…

    Hi bolaokuneye – I’ll try to help – but what is the issue ?

    If you want to upload & manage lots of images then nextGen is the best (and then you can add an extra lightbox or slideshow plugin on top if you wish).

    NextGEN –

    Hi Photo maldives. Thanks for your feedback. Although I find it helpful, it’s not what I need. Have a look at this blog scroll down and please let me know what plug-in I’ll need to make the photos come out in a vertical roll out like so.

    I think I see what you mean – you want a big vertical list of all your images, running down the length of the page ?

    The site you linked to uses this –

    But I think basically all you need is a theme that can do full width posts, embed your image into each post, set the home page to display full posts rather than excerpts.

    Does that make sense ?

    Thanks so much photo Maldives. I’ve looked at few more themes but I like the one I’ve installed because Its got a slide on the home page which I find very engaging and nice. My question now is how can I incorporate a new theme for my blog use only , so I can upload multiple pictures like I’d love to? I’ve got the nextgen optimum plug-in which I use with my gallery but it still doesn’t do what I want.

    Hi bolaokuneye

    I see you are using a well-developed & feature-rich premium theme that comes with support – try asking your question here :

    and here –

    The demo page for your theme shows pretty much what you want, I think –
    So it certainly should be possible.

    All themes are different, but it could be an easy fix – try his – ensure each of your posts has a FEATURED IMAGE set, and then set the number of posts in the WP Amin – Settings – Reading – “Blog pages show at most”.

    Good luck. 🙂 And great site you have, btw.

    Many thanks photoMaldives. Sorry I’ve been a little busy hence why I didn’t reply you. I try your tips and get back to you.
    Many thanks for all your help.Have a splendid festive period.


    Happy new year photoMaldives.

    Still on my same old boring questions mate…Primetheme seems hard to get information from which is why I’ve come back whilst I’m waiting for a response from them.

    I downloaded nextgen plug-in as well as the optimizer but it still isn’t displaying the images in the size I want. What I got was a grid of images with each image about 2 inches in size.

    I know there’s something I need to do but I just can’t work it out.

    Hopefully I’ll crack this in no time..

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