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  • Hi there only just started using this plugin and was wondering if it was possible to use it to supply free downloads?

    Having the facility for people to navigate my site and add the images they want to download to the cart is much better than them having to download them one at a time.

    I suppose it would be great if:

    1. I could add a free downloads option to pricing in addition to the ability for them to order prints.

    2. Have the confirmation page give them a link to a zip file or at the very least the individual files they have selected so they can download them later.

    3. Have the links sent to them by email as well so they can download them later as required.

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  • I would be happy if there was a way to simply bypass the payment gateway altogether and simply end up on a thank you page with links to the files for download.

    I am in a similar situation, payment bypass option would be great for images that cost $0 – we have photo shoot packages that include 5 or 20 free images, so while clients would likely make an additional purchase they may not so right now even with $0 order it still goes to paypal for checkout but paypal doesnt handle $0 orders.

    if this plugin had this ability and a few more options I would gladly pay for it because its still awesome…

    For now we are going to tell clients if they just want their free images to not checkout, not ideal but its a beta service for us.

    Agreed, happy to pay for this solution if this option was integrated. Perhaps there is a workaround that someone smarter than me could assist with!?

    Plugin Author Hax


    currently this is not an option if you want to provide free images use the standar WordPress gallery. I am working on the 3.1 RC1 version of the plugin. and I might add the feature. if you want to test and update about the plugin follow me on twitter.!/xparkmedia



    Would also love this to be a feature/option of the plugin. I’m looking to build a photo library site where a user needs to be registered/logged into to download images, but it’s free after that.



    Hi just uploaded the 3.1 RC1 to my testing server in hope of this feature being added but can’t see it. Has it been implemented and I’m missing something or does anyone know of a way of adding this facility by editing the php?

    This is a great little plugin and this feature would make it perfect. Many thanks for any help



    I would also be very interested in this feature. My setup is like the others have stated. I upload say 40 images to a gallery and the clients get 5 images or 20 images as part of the package. I would like it so that they can get those for download free without checking out. Then they can also purchase any of the additional 20 images for print or purchase for digital download.

    Like stated it would also be great for everything to link to a zip file so they get them all without downloading them all individually.

    We got this to work by using a manual check out page with the estore plugin but its not as elegant. Basically it does a check and if the order is = to 0.00 it goes to a manual checkout and if its greater than 0.00 then redirect to the paypal checkout.



    One thing to think about is how would you only allow 5 or 20 items to be downloaded for free. Could you assign a number of free download credits to a package or something along those lines? Or another option could be to supply a promo code that take off a certain number of digital downloads that you apply in the cart? The only thing there is that it looks like your promo codes expire by a date and not number of uses. Therefore they could select 20 images and apply the 20 free promo. then turn around and do the same ting again on another 20 images.

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this plugin!

    Plugin Author Hax


    If you are been waiting on a free download option for the plugin it will be available on version 3.1 if you want to test the RC2 version you can download it here.

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