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    Hey I have just uploaded the plug in and it doesnt seem to be creating folders for galleries and it when i upload images its not saving them but its saying that it is ive deleted and reinstalled and ive checked to plug in files and nothing either all my images show up as brocken links. I followed the installation process but still nothing any help would be appreciated. thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Hax


    What type or server are you on? what version of php are you running?

    check that your wp-content folder is writable.

    if that doen’t work check the url that the image is going to and can you send me the link or a pice of the html that the plugin is generation on your page.

    Hey Hax I was able to get the plug in to create an image folder and display the images but instead of broken links i get small images as the preview images on the front end and ive changed the sizes under the main settings and still the same thing my other problem was resolved after i placed everything on the server from my localhost any help woud be great thanks

    Plugin Author Hax


    Try this:

    Set your image preview size to the the desired size in settings > image settings > Image preview.

    Your are going to have to re-upload your galleries for the new preview image size to take place. The different image sizes get generated when you upload the images not dynamically for performance.

    Also make sure that your images are big enough to reach your desired size the plugin doesn’t increase the size.

    Hope this helps or if you want send me a link to your site to see what is the problem.

    Gallery ID: LLIPKLVMFDwn
    PW: password

    my images are original size set width of 850 px and ive changed the settings and deleted the gallery and created a new one and then uploaded new images and the same thing is happening

    Plugin Author Hax


    somebody already reported the same issue let me check it out. I will try to solve it and will release a new version thank you for your feedback.

    can you telling me what upload method you’r using zip, server folder scan, flash upload

    I am going to “Add New” > “Upload Images” and using the flash uploader but i am uploading multiple images from my desktop

    Plugin Author Hax


    I was not able to duplicate the issue but I think the issue is in the image-store > image.php file will you be comfortable edit the file. you need to change the “__construct( ){….}” function with this code

    	 * Constructor
    	 * @return void
    	 * @since 0.5.0
    	function __construct( ){
    		if( empty( $_REQUEST['img'] ) ) die( );
    		$this->attachment = get_post_meta( $_REQUEST['img'], '_wp_attachment_metadata', true );
    		if( isset($_REQUEST['mini']) && $_REQUEST['mini'] == 1 )
    			$this->image_dir = str_ireplace( WP_CONTENT_URL, WP_CONTENT_DIR, $this->attachment['sizes']['mini']['url'] );
    		if( isset($_REQUEST['thumb']) && $_REQUEST['thumb'] == 1 )
    			$this->image_dir = str_ireplace( WP_CONTENT_URL, WP_CONTENT_DIR, $this->attachment['sizes']['thumbnail']['url'] );
    		elseif( $this->attachment['sizes']['preview']['url'] )
    			$this->image_dir = str_ireplace( WP_CONTENT_URL, WP_CONTENT_DIR, $this->attachment['sizes']['preview']['url'] );
    		else $this->image_dir = WP_CONTENT_DIR . $this->attachment['file'];
    		if( !file_exists ( $this->image_dir ) ) die( ); 
    		if( isset( $_SERVER['HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE'] ) && ( strtotime($_SERVER['HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE']) <= filemtime($this->image_dir)) ){
    			header ('HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified');
    			die( );
    		} else $this->display_image( );

    Or do you might creating a admin user in your wp installation forme to test it

    Hey Hax i’ve edited the file and saved it and still no good so ive created a user for you to log in and see if you could check it for me same url username:Hax and pw:haxpw1
    Thanks again for the help the plug in is great and its exactly what i need i did have a suggestion just in case if you hadnt thought of it or if its already been said to see if we could change the gallery id to be a custom name to match the gallery…just a thought .
    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Hax


    OK I think is fixed.

    I will add the fix on the next release; your site should be fix, but you should update to next release also delete my user.

    Thank you very much it works great hope everything goes good with the next release i will def look out for it and ill definitely donate for to help support the plugins.
    Thanks again Hax!

    glvz, you initially had the issue of directory not getting created. How did you resolve that?
    I am getting the same issue.

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