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  • Have been building my photography site’s store using the Image Store plugin 2.2.2 and styling was going well.

    Installing 3.0.0 and there are many problems:

    1.) the page template seems to have changed and galleries are now picking up a template that includes widgets I use in the blog section of the site. This in turn knocks out all the styling changes I’d done and packaged into a custom plugin. The page template for galleries needs to be either selectable, or reverted back to whatever 2.2.2 was configured for.

    2.) opening images in the store appear in either a browser window for just the image or the WordPress image page. What happened to the lightbox?? This is (in my opinion) is a massive step backward and one of the biggest reasons I immediately downgraded to 2.2.2

    3.) generally, a fair amount of the CSS elements I’d been identifying with FireBug and styling as I needed them to be for my site, all seem to have been removed as most of the plugin packaged styles I’d created don’t seem to apply anymore. The plugin out of the box needs to be styled and a responsible way to do this is outside of the plugin code itself to ensure that updates don’t overwrite the style changes. Backward compatibility would be nice to have here or I’m looking like having to start all over again (assuming the above two points are resolved).

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a GREAT plugin and has enabled me to save a fair amount of money hosting my own site rather than paying for a templated product for the job. It’s also a plugin I’d be very happy to pay for (with some of the above mentioned savings), but with an upgrade like this completely breaking all the hard work I’d done to integrate it into my sites style I’d now think twice before parting with any money.

    Hope this all gets resolved, until then I’ll have to stick with 2.2.2

    Best regards,


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  • Plugin Author Hax


    1. you can select your gallery template in the settings > general > album template or you can use the sample templates provided within the plugin folder “templates”

    2. this was a reported issue you can download an update javascript file here

    3 you alway want to make style changes to your theme the styles will always overwrite when you update the plugin. you can always disable the plugin styles and load the old (your old styles) separately.

    if you want to test the changes before they go live for update you can follow me on Twitter!/xparkmedia.

    Currently there is no pay version of the plugin but any donations via pay pal are welcome. you can find the link on the plugin settings

    Hi Hax,

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

    On point 1.), I did change the Album Template on the Settings > General page but it did not seem to have any affect. Are there any instructions for using the sample templates you mention that are available?

    2.) thanks, I’ll give that a go.

    3.) OK… I guess I’ve got a bigger job ahead of me, but at least if I use my own styles completely I won’t run the risk of it coming apart on me during updates.

    Looking forward to using 3.0…


    Update – I can’t find a “Templates” folder in the plugin download. Please can you advise?

    Plugin Author Hax


    actually the folder is call “theme” all you have to do is move the file to your theme folder and make the necessary changes, fo the most part you want to keep the loop.

    I am very confused – why are my galleries not showing up on the album pages? I have posted on the plugin developers own forum with no response. Thanks

    Hi Hax,

    Still no joy with the page templates. No matter what I try it still uses a template with a sidebar from my blog pages.

    I found the theme folder as you directed, I copied the file and made modification to my theme to pick up the new templates. Then specified the new files in the Image Store, General settings for template to use and still nothing.

    It would seem that no matter what I choose on this settings page, it has no effect whatsoever.

    I’m going to have to give up with v3.0 and go back to v2.2.2.

    Hope this is fixed soon…



    I’m having the same issue as mja2009. I’ve selected different page templates and it still won’t update. I went so far as to find out which template it was using (turns out the default page template), so I then modified that file to see if any changes would be made. They weren’t!

    So, even though it’s saying it’s using the default page template, it’s not.

    Any word?



    Hi Hax,

    Thanks for v3.0.1, that sorts out the lightbox issue.

    I (and others it would seem) still have two unresolved issues with v3 though. As per my original post, changing various classes has scuppered my styling from 2.2.2 but it’s not the end of the world for me to attempt to restyle. I’m NOT a web developer, so this is quite a big job for me to do but one that is at least achievable.

    However, the template issue is something else entirely. Basically, no matter what settings I apply in Image Store it uses the same template from my theme that is intended for the Blog and as such has a sidebar down the righthand side which I don’t want in my image store.

    I really need this fixing and am quite happy to have a go myself (I resolved a missing bit of SQL in the last version myself) but I need a clue as to where to start looking.

    Better if you fixed it though…



    Hi Hax,

    Any news on the template issue I (and others) are getting? I’ve bitten the bullet and installed 3.0.2 so I can give you a link to the page to see the problem I’m getting.

    Basically, no matter what I seem to do (change the settings, follow your sample template instructions above or this guy: I cannot get rid of the date row and sidebar from the page.

    Any help much appreciated as I need this running in the next few weeks. I’d rather use v3.0.x but may have to fall back to v2.2.2 despite that version giving me problems elsewhere on the site.

    Looking forward to your reply…


    Hi Hax,

    I have more information for you.

    I’ve installed a brand new WordPress test site with nothing but the sample data that ships with WordPress.

    I then added the latest version of the Image Store plugin.

    Next, I created a gallery with a sample image in it.

    With this most basic of installations, I then set about changing the Templates in the Image Store settings for both Albums and Galleries to see if I could use the Default (full width) and Sidebar (two column) templates supplied with the standard WordPress Twenty Eleven theme.

    The settings had no effect whatsoever and Image Store continued to display the same template regardless of the setting.

    As I observed this on a completely new WordPress installation I’d have to conclude that my live site’s theme and plugins are not causing any problems and that the failure setting the template in the Image Store config must be in the Image Store itself.

    I hope this helps resolve the problem.



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