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  • Plugin Author Daniel Sachs


    Bad timing for an update, huh …
    Do you see any errors on gallery page?
    Can you post via postbin the relevant HTML generated by the plugin?

    In the meanwhile this is what you can do:
    1. go to a post gallery and check that images have been added to the gallery.
    2. Check the enqueued scripts. Are they loading?
    3. Redownload the plugin. Maybe something went wrong during the installation.

    Report back



    No errors on the gallery page.

    I re-downloaded the plugin and it still doesn’t work.

    Where can I find the HTML generated by the plugin? The plugin is not even generating any code in on the page.

    Scripts appear to be loading.


    Is this line supposed to be commented out?

    #wp_enqueue_script ('gallery_reloaded', plugins_url('/themes/' . $theme . '/galleria.theme.js', __FILE__), array('jquery', 'gallery_reloaded_source'));


    Never mind. I un-commented it and nothing was fixed.

    Plugin Author Daniel Sachs


    I think I managed to recreate your issue:

    1. Go to the Image Gallery Reloaded settings page check your setting and save (again).
    2. Go to your post and click the “Edit Gallery” button.
    3. At the top of the popup click “Include in Gallery: All
    This will add all the images linked to this post to the gallery (or select individual images)
    4. Click Save all Changes
    5. Click Update Gallery Setting
    6. Click Update in the Publish meta box\

    You should be good


    That worked! I can’t thank you enough!

    Note: I had so many pictures in the gallery that I couldn’t get to step 3 without it timing out. I fixed this by setting the time limit higher in my functions.php file.

    Plugin Author Daniel Sachs


    My pleasure. Glad you worked it out.
    Hope you and your client will enjoy using this small plugin.

    Can You please tell me how to make all images in gallery included by default? I’m using WP + Posie plugin – so I making a posts with mail + attached files. Everything worked fine before the update, and I have a lot of posts, so i can’t press “Include ALL” for all old posts, and all new posts coming with “not included” images too :(((

    …Or can you Please give me the link for 2.1.2 version? :))

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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