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  • If you have not heard of them before now…

    The point of IE9’s Pinning & Jump List shortcuts is to give your sites users a simple ‘web-app’ style button for your website on their Windows 7 taskbar.

    As well as providing the user with a simple ‘instant site launch’ button on their taskbar, they can also ‘right-click’ the button and be presented with some short cuts to pages on your website.

    The menu for these shortcuts is split into two distinct areas:

    1. Tasks
    2. Dynamic Jump Lists

    Tasks – Is supposed to be an area for static unchanging links. The idea here to to put anything up to 5 permanent shortcuts to your most viewed static content. For example, on a personal blog, this could be you ‘About Me’ page or a ‘Contact Me’ page, etc…

    Dynamic Jump Lists – Is supposed to be area for content that constantly changes. For example, on a personal blog, this would likely be a list of you 10 most recently published articles/posts.

    For a good example of how IE9 Pinning & Jump Lists can be used, try it out by visiting and pinning

    Now i have personally, managed to implement very easily, the static ‘tasks’ links into my site, that part is very easy to do, but i do not have the php knowledge to figure out the code for creating the dynamic links to my recent articles…. (i suspect it’s just a matter of time before someone with the knowledge puts a tutorial on their blog about how to implement this in WordPress, but as of yet i cannot find one)

    So when i stumbled across this plugin i was initially quite excited that it may be the answer to my problem.


    The author of this plugin seems to have completely misunderstood the point of the two shortcut areas.

    Firstly he has used the ‘Tasks’ area (by default) to provide links to your sites admin area, such as the ‘write new post’ page and the ‘moderate comments’ page…. Why would you want to give your sites readers shortcuts to these areas? They are of zero use to your sites readers and more likely will just create confusion and likely to cause readers to delete the app from their Windows taskbar.

    Now while i admit these default pages can be over-written in the plugin’s options by using the ‘custom links’ function, it seems a very convoluted way of doing things when you should be able to just choose from a list of your sites pages… there is also no way of uploading a custom image for each of these links that i can see.

    Then bizarrely, he has used the ‘Dynamic Jump List’ area to provide a place to list your sites static pages… so while there is no way to do what i wanted and have a dynamically updating list of my last 10 published articles/posts… there is a list of your sites static pages to choose from, such as ‘About Me’ and ‘Contact Me’ or (and this is the closest i can get to what i want) a link to a category archive page.

    Unless the author can take note of my observations and rewrite his plugin to work as expected, i see no use for this plugin or see anyway to recommend it or give it a 5 star score.

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