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  • Do you mean showing alert only for specified versions of IE? If yes, I’ll realize control panel page to make such settings.

    This is ridiculous, sorry.

    I agree, this is ridiculous…

    Quite frankly, I have experienced the best browser results from IE7 and when I look at my stats and see that 90% of my viewers use IE, it would be a little unprofessional to have something like this running on my site.


    semroc, I have 9% IE users on my blog. I think 50% of them are bots.
    If your auditory is IE users – it is your problem




    anyone can write a plugin 😛

    This is a great idea in my view. IE is a piece of crap and always will be. Whats worse is that Microsoft know what they’re doing. Apparently IE8 is supposed to be web compliant! Do you know how much trouble that browser has caused? Web developers around the world have had to mess around for days sometimes trying to get their website to work in IE. Its because most “normal” people don’t know any better, but this might play a role in improving the average persons experience of the internet. Google chrome, Firefox, Opera – all far superior browsers.

    semroc, I have 9% IE users on my blog. I think 50% of them are bots. If your auditory is IE users – it is your problem

    bobrik, I don’t see any problems as my viewers will see the same sight regardless of which browser they are using. What I mean is that web developers don’t need to re-invent the wheel to have their sites look good on all browsers. If I go to a site and it tries to tell me to download a different browser, I would think there is something wrong with the site and probably click away as fast as I could…

    semrocc, youll not think so if youre IE user 😀

    Oh…but I am 😉

    I actually have a few browsers loaded up for designing sites and use them regularly…I’m usually online for about 8-10 hours a day, so I’ve had ample time to use them.

    My best experience has been with IE7…hands down…but hey, that’s my experience and opinion.

    semroc, plugin can show alert only fro ie6 and message can b customized to something like “Please install IE7 instead IE6”

    This is very entertaining. As a die-hard FF user I think this is more tongue-in-cheeck and would probably go over better if it appeared only with FF users -we totally get it. The IE users are thinking, “Duh, Huh??” I like it. Yes, it’s pretty rude, kinda ‘draconian,’ and very unprofessional and I would never place it on one of my sites… but I like it. Thumbs up! You got some brass, my friend! Somebody needed to say it. (okay, FF users have been saying it for a while, but…)

    If you prefer IE version X, great for you and that’s nice that you have the best “experience” with IE (whatever that means). If you were a *real* coder (even I don’t claim to be one), you’d know that the biggest beef with IE (among many) is MonopolySoft has chosen to be non-W3C-standards compliant (see: Lame). So, when people complain that their sites “look fine” in IE and not in everything else, it’s because IE is the problem, not the others who are following the agreed-upon rendering standards. What’s the point of having standards if people don’t follow them? Duh! Learn to develop your sites to agreed-upon standards… you’ll begin to hate IE like the rest of us.

    Let’s go grab a drink! 🙂

    IE8 is still not standards-compliant- something simple and stupid, position:fixed, still doesn’t work.

    Until IE gets their s*** together and puts out a w3c compliant browser, plugins like this will be necessary.

    there is a plugin out there Shockingly Big IE6 warning that checks only for ie6 or less it has a mean option that shuts the browser session. I wish IE-warning had a preview mode so we can see the display effect (some of us out here cannot run IE – THANK GOD – without virtualisation e.g. Parallels or VMware ) aka Mac, Linux users.

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