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  • hearkening


    I have an idea for a plugin, and I am posting it here hoping that someone will develop it (since I am not able to .. and I too lazy learn how to code).

    Here is what I want out of the plugin. I want to be able to provide my users with an easy way to “subscribe? to my blog .. subscribers would pay (via paypal) x amount of money (say, 1 dollar per month or what-have-you .. the amount would, of course, be completely up to the blog-owner) to sponsor me and my blog.

    The plugin should not only provide a way of working this out via PayPal, but it should also automatically edit the users blogaccount such that the user is distinguished from non-subscribing users in various ways.

    For example, subscribers should have access to certain pages of the blog that non-subscribers do not. Also, subscribers should have a small icon next their name (whenever they post on the blog) indicating their subscriber status.

    I think this is a good idea for a plugin that has a lot of potential for features not mentioned here.

    If anyone is interested in developing it, I’d love to hear about your progress .. drop me a line: simon at thinkingdeeply dot com.

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  • Ami Heines


    Hi Simon,

    I’m searching for the same tool, and if I can’t find it, I will make one myself. It should be a useful plugin.

    The process should be well thought and streamlined for the user (client)

    I’m thinking of restricting posts based on their category, making one or more categories a members only zone and having an alternative teaser so unregistered users would be encouraged to register (and pay)

    An important feature would be the cancellation of the monthly subscription – when a user stops paying he should be blocked from the members only area but not deleted from the wordpress database.

    In my specific situation, I will open to the general public posts and comments from the members only area after a certain time has passed, I will experiment with it, starting with two week delay. This is because of the nature of my subject – stock and option trading. It will be interesting to see what members did a couple of weeks ago and if they are having consistent profits with the education they receive.

    I find it hard to believe this plugin is not out there.
    It shouldn’t be too hard to make it if you know how paypal works and some PHP.

    I’m currently learning those subjects.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I would imagine that the code is very much out there – what you are describing is how many sites work, not least the porn industry.

    Why not just discribe on paypal? its verry easy done in a few minutes an the code is generated for ya.

    I’d be obliged to you for a lifetime… if you can tell me how to do it with paypal, that:
    1. a category listing (let’s say on category-X.php template) the excerpts are freely visible to every visitor, but when clicking to go the the single post view they have to be signed in/logged in and, of course, already bought membership via paypal.
    2. Other categories might be accessible for non-paying visitors


    Doesn’t seem like it would be that much work, though it is very much beyond my abilities.

    @ moshu,

    My englisch is not that fantastic to understand evreything the right way I Gues.
    Also I found out I dit not read the article correct.

    But is there not the option for people to register,(paswordprotected post ed?) make other users? they will have more access?

    I don’t want them to simply register. I want them to be directed to paypal, buy a membership and come back to “read the rest of the story…”.

    Ok, now I understand the question or meaning a little better.
    There must be a way to do that. If you see that webcam sites(not that i look there) also work like that.
    I have to make a project for my studie anyway when iIm on the end of it , so i can keep this one in mind, but Im not promising anything yet.

    has anyone got any ideas onprogressing this ??

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